June 26, 2019 Guest Blogger

Why Influencers Often Promote Environmentally-Friendly Brands

Emphasizing the promotion of ethical and environmentally friendly products has been a top priority for many influencers.

The world contains more than three billion consumers who are constantly making choices about which brands to support with their dollars. With the current state of the environment, many people are lobbying to ensure those dollars count. An influencer’s ability to connect with their followers can certainly make for a lucrative business tactic, but it also requires a certain amount of respect and responsibility toward followers. This is why emphasizing the promotion of ethical and environmentally friendly products has been a top priority for many influencers.

Earning Trust From Followers

An influencer’s followers tend to trust that they will not be led to purchase something that could compromise their health. Seventy-one percent of millennials are more likely to buy a product or service that has been promoted by a trusted influencer over a celebrity, and forty percent of adolescents think that the influencers they follow know them better than their own friends.  

These statistics bring into sharp focus the real responsibility an influencer has to promote products that will not harm their followers. While it may not seem significant to promote something like a deliciously scented paraffin candle, a more eco-friendly alternative like a soy candle, may be less likely to result in asthma reactions.

A Purely Environmental Responsibility

Although it is becoming increasingly easy to make environmentally-friendly changes as more and more brands adjust their packaging, many of these brands are not being brought to the attention of the consumers.  Imagine the change that could be made if influencers began focusing on the promotion of brands that are making notable environmental changes. A single influencer could convince thousands of followers to switch to an eco-friendly and sustainably packaged laundry detergent, reusable snack bags or cloth diapers. If the average American worker started bringing a reusable mug for their daily coffee run, they would save as many as five hundred disposable cups a year from ending up in the landfill.  

More and more people every day are waking up to the realities of environmental changes.  Influencers who play a huge role in where their followers choose to spend their money could make a big impact by promoting brands who are taking noteworthy strides in the right direction.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Karoline Cooke.