September 21, 2023 Samantha Ley

Influencer Vetting – Why Alignment Matters

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, one truth remains constant: authenticity reigns supreme. In an era where consumers demand transparency and genuine connections, brands are increasingly turning to influencer partnerships to navigate the intricate world of online promotion. However, the success of such collaborations hinges not just on the size of an influencer’s following, but on a far more precious commodity—authenticity. 

When searching for influencers, it’s important for a brand to consider factors such as an influencer’s follower demographics, engagement rate, and alignment with your brand’s values and objectives. This process is known as influencer vetting. Given the time and effort involved in influencer vetting, it’s important to allocate sufficient resources to this stage. Without a proper tool to pull these details, the vetting process can be quite daunting.  Rushing the vetting process can lead to poor partnerships and ineffective campaigns. Find Your Influence’s self-service platform allows you to condense the time spent looking for the ideal candidates significantly.   

It’s also important to reach out to influencers professionally and with the right tools. Influencers are sifting through piles of DM’s and emails, which means an outreach could take weeks or months to receive a reply. And let’s not overlook the credibility a brand has when they invest in a reputable tool such as Find Your Influence to actively recruit talent. Influencers are more likely to reply to a well-known influencer marketing brand name than a brand they may have never heard of before or a person whom they are not familiar with.  

Find the right influencer. Trust me, it's important

By investing in a tool to run, house and track your influencer marketing campaigns, you are not only creating a more seamless process, but you are also condensing the time spent on influencer marketing campaigns. All aspects of your influencer marketing efforts housed under one roof can make or break the success of your influencer marketing efforts.  

Curious about how to find the perfect influencer for your brand? We know influencer vetting can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but we’ve got your back! You can contact us for a demo of our platform or set up a discovery call with one of our FYI teammates to learn more about our managed services.