February 26, 2020 Guest Blogger

Mastering the Art of Self Promotion for Female Entrepreneurs

Perfecting the art of promoting yourself is crucial for entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their business, find clients, and appeal to investors. However, managing the balance of self-promotion and boasting can be a challenge, particularly for female entrepreneurs.

Studies show that women who are pursuing a career claim that self-promotion is the toughest part of their professional development. When female entrepreneurs don’t promote their businesses, their work often silently goes unnoticed which can lead to less opportunities for professional partnerships and investor backing. In fact, less than 10% of venture capital backed companies have a female entrepreneur at the helm. This imbalance happens largely because of the perception that females are not as competitive or ambitious as males.

This systematic disregard for female entrepreneurs makes celebrating and bringing attention to accomplishments necessary for any woman who is building her business. If you or your business partner struggle with highlighting your recent achievements, try using these pointers from ZenBusiness in day-to-day conversations. With practice you will refine your self-promotion skills and learn to frame your wins in a way that is natural and professional.

Female Entrepreneurs

Infographic: Mastering the Art of Self Promotion for Female Entrepreneurs

Promoting your brand and highlighting your hard work may be one of the toughest parts of your entrepreneurial journey but every effort you make will be well worth it. As you interact with your partners, peers, and community, use these tips to practice self-promotion in a way that is confident and consistent so that you can continue building your successful business. You never know where a small interaction might lead.
Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Haley Lyles.  Infographic courtesy of zenbusiness.com.