March 6, 2019 Chrissy Dupper

International Women’s Day at Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence International Women's Day

Ambition is not synonymous with conceit or arrogance, and women striving for careers and leadership roles are no less deserving of them for being driven.

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 and here at Find Your Influence we embody its spirit throughout the year.  The FYI leadership team consists of four bright and inspiring women; Jamie Reardon, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Cristine Viera, President and Co-Founder, Tami Nealy, VP of Communications and Public Relations and Joslyn Adasek, EVP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships. Collectively, this group of women guides Find Your Influence through the ever-evolving marketing landscape leveraging their unique expertise to grow not only a fiscally responsible company, but one that it’s employees, brand and agency partners and influencers are proud to work with.

The women who used their experiences to institute IWD helped to shine a light on the need for a gender-balanced workforce and inspired a generation on fire for equality. Each member of the Find Your Influence leadership team began their corporate careers in a climate that was not always as accepting and conscience of the need for a gender equality.

“Jamie and Cristine have embodied the leadership capabilities of personal humility and professional will, each paramount to the success of Find Your Influence and are the heartbeat of the culture here,” said Michael Creel, Creative and Marketing Director at FYI. “They are ambitious for the cause of the company, first and foremost, not for their individual praise or success. They are constant in praise for the team, as well as promote a positive company culture.”

Jamie, Cristine, Tami and Joslyn have each experienced the backslide that can come in a corporate environment heavily focused on gender bias and personal gain. They choose to bring balance to the workforce through their support of fellow employees, their brands and the influencers they work with.

They have created a culture that enables each employee to reach their potentials and live a balanced life,” Linda Foley, Lead Product Designer explained. “They empathize and understand the daily struggles we all face and respond by allowing amended schedules, work-from-home opportunities, part-time hours, and providing the flexibility to be present for our kids at their important milestones.”

More and more employees are looking for a family-friendly work space. Reardon and Vieira lead the thriving marketing company while balancing motherhood themselves.

Chelsea Goodson, Director of Influencer Management at Find Your Influence explains, “I’ve felt encouraged to dive into motherhood full force, all the while knowing that I have their support and guidance in learning how to balance my new role as a mother and career simultaneously,” Goodson elaborated.

Ambition is not synonymous with conceit or arrogance, and women striving for careers and leadership roles are no less deserving of them for being driven. The popularity of influencer marketing has broadened the ability for women across the world to find balance and share their voice through successful blogging careers.

The Find Your Influence network of influencers are wives, mothers, sisters and daughters who share their voice as hobbyists, fashionistas, chefs, artists, entrepreneurs, business women, travelers and more all while harmonizing with their personal lives. When you work with an influencer from the FYI network, you know you’re getting the real deal: a thought-leader and inspirational content creator. And likely someone who is #BalancedforBetter.