March 3, 2020 Tami Nealy

Influencer Insider: Influencer Voting Habits

Influencer Insider

Welcome to Super Tuesday! Influencer Voting!

2020 is a Presidential election year. Candidates have begun canvassing and voters in some states have already begun casting their votes in their Democratic Primary elections. All of this leading up to the final vote on Tuesday, November 3.

In February, Find Your Influence surveyed social media influencers across the United States to understand their voting habits. Candidates, non-profit groups that support various policies as well as other political agencies may consider engaging social media influencers during this election year. Recently Facebook announced that it will allow candidates to sponsor branded content, paving the way for influencers to engage and spread the candidate’s message.

“With the primaries and general election heating up, we see candidates looking for a disruptive advantage,” said Cristine Vieira, President and co-founder of FYI. “Leveraging social media influencers as a new channel to deliver their message and woo voters proves the effectiveness of influencer marketing.”

Using FYI’s proprietary survey technology, the survey was completed online from February 10 – 16, 2020 reaching different types of influencers, including nano influencers, micro influencers and macro influencers. The survey reached a sample of FYI’s influencer database of active U.S.-based social media influencers and FYI has revealed the voting practices of more than 340 influencers through a series of non-partisan, non-policy questions.

The complete survey and results:

Are you registered to vote?

97% Yes 

  3%  No 

When was the last time you voted in a federal or state-level election?

61%  2019 

19%  2018 

17%  2017 or before 

  3%  I’ve never voted before

Did you vote in the 2016 Presidential election? 

92%  Yes 

  5%  No  

  3%  I was not registered to vote in 2016

Do you generally vote in person or by mail?

75%  In-person

25%  By mail 

Do you anticipate posting non-sponsored content about your political views before the 2020 US Presidential election?

46%  No 

33%  I’m not sure yet

21%  Yes 

What is your primary source to gather information on candidates running for office?

65%  News media

17%  Social media

15%  Candidate websites 

  3%  Podcasts 

Influencers who responded to this survey ranged in follower count from 600 to 9.8 million.  

To speak with Find Your Influence directly about survey results, please contact Tami Nealy, tami@findyourinfluence.com.