About Cristine

Growing up, Cristine Vieira was always on the move as her family moved back and forth between Brazil and New Jersey. She settled in Tempe, Arizona where she earned a degree in marketing from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Her dream of a career in marketing became a reality when she joined Avnet Technology Solutions, where she managed business and marketing strategy. Cristine then transitioned to LifeLock, still in its early stages as a company. She instantly loved the cutting-edge, analytical nature of digital media and the ever-changing startup environment. During her tenure she managed highly successful social media, brand ambassador and affiliate programs, and recognized the industry’s need for a solution that would make these campaigns more efficient. She co-founded Find Your Influence with partner Jamie Reardon to solve that very problem. Cristine has done her share of moving about the country and welcomes the opportunity to remain in Arizona indefinitely, with her husband and their two children.