December 7, 2020 Tami Nealy

How to Find Influencers for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Part 6 in a series about Influencer Marketing in the 2020s

Influencers are highly visible on social media platforms as well as through other digital channels, like videos and blogs. But how do you find the best influencers for your brand’s influencer marketing campaigns? 

If you’re planning a series of influencer marketing campaigns and already know the influencers you would like to engage, they’re generally easy to reach via their social media platforms. If you don’t yet know the influencers you want to engage, an influencer marketing platform with integrated search technology is essential to your success.

Launched in 2013, the Find Your Influence (FYI)  platform allows brands and agencies to identify influencers, launch campaigns, track performance and report results. Ongoing platform enhancements ensure that finding the right influencers has never been easier. Brands can even search for influencers by keywords within their already-published content. This means brands can search for a keyword that may be specific to their brand and influencers within the FYI network who have used those keywords, or related terms, on a social media platform, or within their blog, will surface.

Find Your Influence platform search

The Find Your Influence platform allows brands to search for influencers based on their category or keywords.

As a marketer, you may already know what influencers are the most supportive and engaged with your brand organically. However, influencers with the largest following might not be the best, or most cost-effective, choice for your influencer marketing campaign. Your ability to land an A-list celebrity aside, you need to consider whether they truly align with the rest of your marketing efforts and strategy.

For example, fashion and lifestyle bloggers are often more trusted in their respective niches and have a greater influence on their audience than a house-hold name celebrity. Sometimes, a celebrity influencer can be a detriment. If the influencer marketing campaign doesn’t resonate with their audience for the right reasons, you will have invested significantly and missed the mark.

If you’re newer to influencer marketing, platforms like Find Your Influence were created to simplify the campaign process. FYI helps to make short work out of finding the right influencers based on budget, audience demographic, personal preferences, engagement rate, and more.

You may already know who the top influencers in your brand’s niche are, making the selection process even easier; using the FYI platform, simply type the name of the influencer (or keywords) into the search bar, and you will be presented with similar choices, or look-alike influencers.

Find Influencers for Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Find Your Influence platform enables look alike modeling for influencer search.

Results can then be further refined based on age, engagement rate, and various audience demographics. You can even search based on keywords and produce results that fit your influencer marketing campaign needs down to the finest detail.

Look-alike modeling is an important component to all influencer marketing campaigns once you’ve identified at least one influencer who meets all your criteria. The Find Your Influence platform allows brands looking to work with more influencers like “Influencer A” to simply input “Influencer A” into the search bar and similar influencers are presented. This can be narrowed by influencer category, age, engagement rate, audience demographics and more.

While other influencer platforms may base their results on algorithms, FYI combines algorithmic search with in-house managed influencer talent, assuring quality connections that are as relevant as they are timely.

Finding influencers has never been easier. Contact Find Your Influence today and let us help you secure the perfect influencers for all of your influencer marketing campaigns.