March 10, 2020 Tami Nealy

FYI Launches Enhanced Influencer Marketing Platform

Taming the Complexities of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Platform

The Find Your Influence vision is to facilitate global conversations delivered by revolutionary technology. This is delivered through its proprietary influencer marketing platform that allows brands and agencies to identify influencers, launch campaigns, track performance and report results.

Meet the new Find Your Influence

Today Find Your Influence (FYI) has announced a series of platform upgrades. Designed to dramatically enhance the influencer search technology, the FYI platform can now analyze influencer content for consistent topics/keywords being discussed as well as identifying look-alike audiences. This allows the FYI to serve up the perfect influencers to deliver successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Brands who want to search for influencers by keywords within their content can now do that within FYI’s influencer marketing platform. This means they can search for a keyword that may be specific to their brand, and influencers who have used those keywords, or related terms, will surface.

FYI Influencer Marketing Platform

Additionally, FYI has streamlined the campaign process, removing all complexities, while adding many of the features brands have asked for. For example, brands can now include multiple products in a single campaign as well as uploading and storing a campaign’s creative brief.

“The enhancements introduced in this version were informed by six years of data, combined with user feedback, and really accelerate the influencer search process,” said Cristine Vieira, President and co-founder of Find Your Influence. “Brands know the types of influencers and audience demographics they want to target and we’ve improved the process to remove all complexities and serve them most expeditiously.”

The latest version of the FYI platform allows brands to search for similar influencers. For example, a brand looking to work with more influencers like “Influencer A” can simply input “Influencer A” into the search bar and similar influencers are presented. This can be narrowed by influencer category, age, engagement rate, audience demographics and more.

Influencer Marketing Platform

FYI Tames Complexity of Influencer Marketing with Enhanced Platform

“Brands looking to advance their influencer campaigns and eliminate the time spent searching for the perfect influencers will benefit tremendously from the upgrades made to our platform,” said Jamie Reardon, CEO and co-founder of Find Your Influence. “Our focus was really to strike a balance between enhanced features and simplicity.”

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