July 6, 2020 Tami Nealy

How Influencers Can Drive Back to School Business

There remains so much to learn about the 2020-21 school year. Parents are anxious, children are uneasy and teachers remain uncertain. Many brands began 2020 with marketing plans to connect their products/services to the back-to-school season. Regardless of whether school resumes remotely or traditionally, the FYI Exchange is a powerful tool to help brands drive back to school business.

FYI Exchange provides a simple, low-barrier-to-entry solution to influencer marketing. It provides brands with access to a self-service platform to post products for influencers to review and apply to participate. Brands can then select from the influencers who have indicated their interest and eagerness to help. As the name indicates, FYI Exchange simply offers an exchange of product for content. No financial payments are made to content creators.

Some of the most effective types of brands with back to school marketing plans include school supplies, apparel, snacks/ingredients for school lunches, bedding and decor for college students stocking up new dorms or housing and technology products.

With so many options within these broad verticals, social media influencers have proven effective in helping a specific brand/product remain top of mind for their followers.  “When an influencer’s followers are walking down a store aisle with ten different types of backpacks, the brand that stands out and registers as familiar is often a result of having seen previously within their social media  feeds,” explains Jordan Windle, Find Your Influence’s Director of Account Management and Platform Services. 

Because parents, teenagers and children make up a large majority of the influencer community, brands can leverage influencer marketing campaigns to reach an even larger buying audience.

The FYI Exchange is a tremendous asset for back to school campaigns because it is a cost-effective and streamlined solution to scale reach while significantly minimizing the time spent to source, contract, manage, and analyze results.  “The most effective influencers we’ve seen on back to school campaigns include parents with children ages 5-22,” says Windle. “This includes kindergartners to college seniors.”

Brands can activate back to school campaigns quickly and efficiently via FYI Exchange. “At a minimum, a brand can invest 3-5 hours and generate a successful campaign,” Windle outlines. “However,  the sky’s the limit with FYI exchange because you can potentially take advantage of working with hundreds of influencers, depending on your budget for gifted product you’re willing to exchange.”

For more information or to request a demo of the FYI Exchange, request a demo today.

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