April 1, 2019 Tami Nealy

FYI Exchange: A Strategic Approach to Influencer Relations

“FYI Exchange allows us to remain committed to small business owners as they execute their digital marketing strategies.”

Influencer relations is a strategic approach to developing ongoing relationships with content creators who have an excellent fit with a brand’s products or services. Often led by public relations or communications teams, influencer relations is a building block that leads to effective influencer marketing campaigns.

“When I first began blogging, I connected with PR agencies and introduced myself,” said social media influencer Lauren Garcia. “Investing in these types of relationships created opportunities for small businesses to offer me product in exchange for creating content. This helped me to grow my blog and my following.”

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To many marketers and public relations professionals, the idea of influencer marketing and influencer relations can be intimidating. Where do brands find the right content creators who can speak best about their brand? How many influencers are needed for an effective campaign? What if a brand only wants to trade product for content? Meet FYI Exchange, from Find Your Influence.

Powered by the leading influencer marketing technology, FYI Exchange provides a simple, low-barrier-to-entry solution to influencer marketing. FYI Exchange provides brands with access to a self-service platform to post products for influencers to review and apply to participate. Brands then select from the influencers who have indicated their interest and eagerness to help. As the name indicates, FYI Exchange simply offers an exchange of product for content. No financial payments are made to content creators.

Find Your Influence surveys it’s community of influencers periodically to understand everything from their shopping habits to how they engage with the FYI platform. “Influencers have responded to our surveys asking for a way for brands to directly offer product in exchange for original content,” explained Cristine Vieira, President and co-founder of FYI. “When we launched FYI in 2013, our intent was to service small businesses both affordably and in a way they could scale. FYI Exchange allows us to remain committed to small business owners as they execute their digital marketing strategies.”  

FYI Exchange supports both brands and influencers to scale their respective businesses. Micro-influencers who participate in exchanges are able to select the products or services that most appeal to them. As they create blog posts or other content, they invest in their content that can help increase their following.

“Influencer relations and influencer marketing are best executed when done via an integrated approach,” explains Vieira. “When marketing and communications teams are in full alignment with messaging, influencer campaigns are most fruitful.”

See for yourself how FYI Exchange works. Simply watch this quick video and then sign up to join FYI Exchange today.

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