November 9, 2020 Tami Nealy

Where Does Influencer Marketing Fit Into My Digital Marketing Strategy?

Part 5 in a series about Influencer Marketing in the 2020s

Your brand’s holistic digital marketing strategy should be the sum of your digital efforts and how they connect with each other. If you’re not yet including influencer marketing within your overall digital marketing strategy, your strategy is incomplete and possibly ineffective. 

Not quite sure how influencer marketing fits in? Data from Find Your Influence demonstrates that since 2014, influencer engagement rates across all social media platforms has grown by more than 550%. Excluding influencer marketing from your overall digital marketing strategy could prove costly to campaign ROI.

influencer marketing campaign engagements

“The combination of influencer marketing with other digital marketing tactics increases the ability to produce high-quality content that can be shared across numerous platforms,” explains Samantha Ley, Vice President of Client Development with Find Your Influence.  “Influencer marketing is the critical link between relationship marketing and performance marketing. “

Consider every element of your digital marketing strategy as you plan each campaign. How will each tactic help you achieve your goals? Growing the bottom line is only one part of the equation. You also need to consider how each campaign aligns with other aspects of your marketing and whether the addition of an influencer can further enhance your storytelling efforts.

Influencer Marketing Holistic Scope

“Brands that invest in long-term influencer relationships often net the largest gains,” Ley details. “When a brand commits to an influencer, or a series of influencers, to help tell a story over a longer period of time, their audience sees content more regularly which can  shift perception, increase awareness and potentially lead to a purchase.”

Every part of the customer’s journey is considered in a digital marketing strategy. This is no different with influencer marketing. The customer journey and engagement with the influencer content should always be considered. There needs to be a clearly defined path that culminates in the desired action, whether that is engagement, sales, or increasing awareness. 

What is the point of any marketing tactic if you can’t measure its performance and success? Some of the key performance metrics used today to determine the success of an influencer marketing campaign include brand awareness, engagements and conversion tracking.

In a holistic approach to a digital marketing strategy, every part of your strategy connects to the bigger picture. And there is no bigger picture in marketing today than influencers.

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