What Is Influencer Marketing?

September 21, 2020
September 21, 2020 Tami Nealy

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Part 1 in a series about Influencer Marketing in the 2020s

By now, you’ve heard the terms ‘social media influencer’ and ‘influencer marketing’. Influencer marketing is more than a trend or a fad. It has officially become an essential part of an overall marketing strategy to boost brand visibility, credibility, and authenticity.

If you have read anything about influencer marketing, you’ve likely found advice that runs the gamut between “must-have” and “why bother.”

The truth is, there is a lot of conflicting information available so developing a solid strategy isn’t always straightforward. Find Your Influence offers a simple approach to help understand if the strategy is right for your brand.

At its core, influencer marketing connects brands with the powerful voices of digital content creators. These connections spark authentic conversations around a brand message, leveraging the creator’s loyal and engaged following across social media channels, while driving awareness and engagement. That sounds pretty, but what does that really mean?

Influencer marketing is the new word-of-mouth marketing. Creators who have an affinity for your brand help create content, in their own voice, to share with their followers. Their followers are ideally made up of your target buyers (the right age, gender, household income, geography, etc.)

Influencer marketing leverages the following of popular social media personalities to promote your brand. An influencer is an individual whose style, talents or opinions appeal to a wide demographic. 

The influencer’s authority is a direct result of their invested time and energy to a specific niche or subject. Trust is acquired when the audience believes what the Influencer says. When choosing an influencer or influencers to work with, you will look for someone whose audience and preferences best align with your brand.

Influencer Marketing in the 2020sSocial capital is the number one prerequisite for an influencer to influence individual behavior. The social capital of an influencer is composed of three pillars: reach, relevance, and resonance. These pillars create the foundation for influence.

When done right, influencer marketing is an excellent way to elevate your brand and add new layers of authenticity to your marketing outreach. Most digital marketers will concur, influencer marketing is critical in the 2020’s, whether your goal is to drive sales, augment your story, or build brand awareness.

To learn more about how you can engage the power of influencer marketing, email Find Your Influence today, info@findyourinfluence.com. We’d love to be a part of your story.