March 22, 2021 Tami Nealy

What Is An Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Part 8 in a series about Influencer Marketing in the 2020s

In recent weeks, I’ve been in conversations with two different individuals each who have admitted to knowing what influencer marketing is but remain confused on the idea of an influencer marketing campaign. So I went to an expert, Cristine Vieira, for her take.

Vieira is the President and Co-Founder of Find Your Influence, the industry’s first all-in-one influencer marketing solution.

“When a brand engages a series of influencers to create content around a specific product/service for an assigned period of time, this is known as an influencer marketing campaign,” Vieira explained. “Brands may have seasonal campaigns around a specific time of year like summer travel or even around a product launch like a new vehicle model.”

Designing and orchestrating an influencer marketing campaign is a multifaceted process. It involves strategy, research, goal setting, outreach, influencer relations, legal contracts, payments, and analytics.

“We’ve seen influencer marketing campaigns vary in size from three to more than 500 influencers,” said Cristine Vieira, President and co-founder of Find Your Influence. “The number of influencers contracted for a given campaign is most often dependent on budget and campaign goals.”

An example of an influencer marketing campaign done via Find Your Influence was with Pizza Hut. A marketing agency worked with the Find Your Influence team to find influencers to drive customers in the Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding area to a specific store. The influencers created content around a new meat substitute that Pizza Hut was featuring on pizzas and encouraged their local followers to stop in and try it for themselves. This defined the parameters of an influencer campaign because it was a focused message to the influencer’s audience, for a set period of time, encouraging them to consider visiting Pizza Hut.

Some of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns include bringing influencers into the campaign discussion early on. Jane Ko, also known as A Taste of Koko online, has partnered successfully with many brands and has delivered amazing results.

When asked about the favorite campaign she has worked on over ten years, she was quick to say, “It would be GoDaddy for sure.” The GoDaddy partnership was successful for Ko for a variety of reasons.

“They entirely sourced influencers for the campaign which can only be done successfully if the team that is managing the influencer campaign has that kind of knowledge,” explained the Austin-based blogger.  “Because they did it internally, they fully understood the program needs, the program KPI (key performance indicators), and they knew exactly the kind of person they wanted to market to and bring the program to life.”

The partnership was an authentic fit because Jane has been a loyal and devoted customer and brand advocate for GoDaddy since she began her blog in 2010. “That doesn’t happen for a lot of campaigns,” she explained. “It’s exceedingly rare that you get to work with a brand that you love and advocate for already.”

Influencer campaigns can be executed in a variety of ways. However, managing a campaign of 3 or 300 influencers can be a juggling act. Find Your Influence offers a technology solution that handles every aspect of the influencer campaign from start to finish. Learn more and request a demo today.