Find Your Influence: Unleash Your Inner Cheerleader

January 11, 2019
January 11, 2019 Tami Nealy

Find Your Influence: Unleash Your Inner Cheerleader

I feel supported and loved at Find Your Influence and I enjoy coming to work everyday.

Find Your Influence was recognized on December 13 by the Phoenix Business Journal as a finalist in their 2018 Best Place to Work (BPTW) awards, in the micro-business category. In the fall of 2018, FYI employees were surveyed and anonymously answered a series of questions to lend insights into employee engagement and satisfaction.

The five-year old FYI earned a “BPTW Score” of 95 percent! The word recurring most frequently by employees surveyed was “collaborative.” The senior leadership at Find Your Influence value people as their most important resource and 93 percent of employees surveyed recognize this.

One of the core values at FYI is “Unleash Your Inner Cheerleader” and this was demonstrated in the open-ended feedback shared by employees:

“This was my first job out of college and I am so happy with my decision to work here. Beginning my career at Find Your Influence as a new member of the workforce, my colleagues welcomed me with open arms and constantly went the extra mile to help me adjust and feel comfortable. Moreover, my coworkers and management staff have abundantly supported my goals, needs, and hobbies outside of the office. At FYI, we are always learning and working to better ourselves as well as our company as a whole. We also have TONS of fun in the office. My team all sits at one long table so we can bounce ideas off of one another, discuss, and laugh (a lot). In conclusion, I feel supported and loved at FYI and I enjoy coming to work everyday. The management has created an environment that truly is the best place to work.”

“I am strong believer in the power of an amazing team and I’m so grateful for the one we’ve built here at FYI! Our team is supportive, thoughtful and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. I have also been continually challenged in my role and encouraged to explore my passions and become the leader I had also hoped to be. I’m incredibly thankful for my time at FYI and would highly suggest the business to anyone – friend, family or any acquaintance I meet!”

“This organization feels like family. Everyone here works hard not only to achieve their own goals but to support everyone across the organization. It’s unlike anything I’ve been a part of before.”

“Our company is on the cutting edge of new age social marketing in the influencer space and I don’t know of any company who could do it better.”

“There is nothing that I do not love about working for FYI, so it’s very easy to find myself  recommending the organization to others!”