January 29, 2020 Tami Nealy

The Power of Pinterest in Influencer Marketing

“For brands, Pinterest content has the innate ability to garner millions of views.”

When you think of influencer marketing, Instagram is likely the platform that comes to mind first. The photo-sharing app has been dominant in recent years, however Pinterest is a sleeping giant that has not lost its power.

Pinterest has been creating opportunities for creators since January 2010. The platform is an effective tool to boost a creator’s SEO. 

“Pinterest is a very effective social media platform for me,” said Alicia Tenise, a Washington D.C.-based lifestyle and travel blogger. Tenise has more than 1.7 monthly views on her Pinterest page. “Today Pinterest drives more traffic to my blog than any other social media platform.” 

Influencer marketing is the art of connecting brands with the powerful voices of digital content creators. The most successful influencer marketing campaigns drive authentic conversations around a product message, ultimately driving brand awareness and engagement. When brands work with Find Your Influence to find the right influencers, including Pinterest creators helps to reach the largest target market. 

Chelsea Goodson has been working directly with influencers at FYI for more than five years. In that time, she’s seen tremendous success with campaigns that incorporate Pinterest creators. “The power of Pinterest lies in its ability to directly impact a creator’s SEO. For brands, Pinterest content has the innate ability to garner millions of views,” said Goodson, FYI’s Director of Influencer Management.

Chelsea Goodson

ChelseaBird Pinterest page

Influencer partnerships can cross any of an influencer’s platforms. “When brands build out their influencer marketing strategies, they are most effective when they aren’t limited to just one platform, but cross over into the many platforms where the targeted audience engages daily,” explained Goodson. “Digital marketers understand the inherent values of each platform individually but the explosive power of platforms used in coordination with one another is where the magic is.”

When brands engage influencers, it’s important to understand that no one knows an influencer’s audience better than the influencer.  “I know that my content performs differently across all platforms,” said Tenise. “My photos on Pinterest perform best when I’m not looking directly at the camera.”

As brands work with Tenise (and other influencers), releasing some level of control and empowering influencers will yield the greatest results. And including Pinterest as a platform for campaigns can have a long-tail effect on brand SEO, too. 

Brands can negotiate with influencers up front to syndicate their content via the brand’s social channels. Similar to other social media platforms, Pinterest allows brands to do sponsored pins, further boosting the reach of the already high-performing content.


The Power of Pinterest in Influencer Marketing

Key performance indicators (KPI) of every influencer marketing campaign will vary. If the KPI for a campaign is to drive traffic to a specific website or landing page, Pinterest outperforms every other platform. Working with Find Your Influence, brands see their KPI maximized through quality content optimized across all platforms.

Does your influencer strategy today include Pinterest? Connect with the team at FYI for a demo and let us help grow your brand.

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