April 20, 2020 Tami Nealy

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, An Influencer Guide for Brands

We don’t spoil mom or dad as often as we should, do we? Thankfully Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were established to lavish them with love and praise. 

Every year, brands of all sizes look to offer special savings or discounts in celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Many of these same organizations include social media influencers in their digital marketing strategy to promote their brand.

Recently, I connected with Jordan Windle, FYI’s Director Account Management and Platform Services to learn about some of the more successful influencer marketing campaigns tied to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that she has seen. Jordan has been with FYI for five years and is rich in campaign knowledge.

Thanks for chatting with me today, Jordan. Can you walk me through how influencer marketing is an important component of a brand’s marketing strategy around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

Hey Tami. This is a great topic that I’m excited to chat about with you. Many brands have content strategies already planned in support of both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Because they have a content plan, adding an influencer campaign is a natural next step. Influencer marketing strategies are a great way to seed a brand in the most authentic way. Any campaign that has a social media influencer creating content that includes heartfelt messages often does really well. And who doesn’t love celebrating their parents?

What types of brands have you seen execute successful influencer marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

When it comes to spoiling mom, self-care products like candles, bath bombs and skin care are great for influencer campaigns. However, brands can get creative in tying other products to the Mother’s Day holiday too. They could create contests around sharing your favorite memories of mom or a favorite photo of you and mom. Influencers could be leveraged to promote these contests, encouraging their followers to create additional content using the brand’s hashtag.

To treat dad, ties, grilling and technology are often the first products that come to mind. Similar to getting creative with Mother’s Day, brands can engage influencers to create content around “What I learned from my dad”.The influencers could also encourage their audiences to share their stories as well.

How do influencers help drive Mother’s Day and Father’s Day purchases?

Regardless of what is going on around the globe or in the news, most Americans stop to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Even though it’s only once a year, many of us still struggle to find the perfect gift for mom and dad. As we look for creative ideas on how we will celebrate them, many of us will turn to different types of influencers for inspiration.

If an influencer is offering a discount code or a swipe-up feature on a product they are endorsing, we, as followers, are more inclined to purchase.

Let’s switch gears a bit and talk about micro-influencers. In general, what is the follower count of a micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers generally have a following of 10,000 or less. 

Why are micro-influencer campaigns so effective for brands?

Micro-influencers generally have a much higher engagement rate due to their intimate connection with their audiences. With a smaller audience, those who do follow feel as though they have formed a friendship with the influencer and regularly comment on posts.

Are brands hesitant to work with micro-influencers because they believe the real impact is with macro-influencers or celebrities?

We don’t see brands turning away from micro-influencers today. As an industry, brands are more enticed to work with micro-influencers because of their higher engagement rates. 

One challenge to note is that it can be difficult to manage a high volume of micro-influencers to get the total reach desired. This is why many brands utilize the Find Your Influence platform to seamlessly scale their efforts. And if a brand is limited on budget, I would encourage them to check out the FYI Exchange to test working with influencers on a product exchange basis.”

What are some of the more unique campaigns you’ve seen influencers execute?

A few years ago we worked with Tylenol to do a campaign about bringing families together. You wouldn’t think a pain reliever brand would necessarily focus on family messaging. The idea of bringing families together and tied into their core values. As we are talking about brands leveraging influencers to promote Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, any brand can create content when they lean into their core values and link those to the emotional tie-in to these two holidays. 

If your brand has a content strategy for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and it doesn’t include influencer marketing, contact Find Your Influence for a demo today.

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