May 25, 2020 Guest Blogger

Military Influencers Are Providing Food For Thought

“…influencers are playing an important part in raising key social issues and also helping the public engage with military influencers.”

When you hear the term ‘military influencer’, promoting racial awareness and diversity might not be the first terms that come to mind. However, that’s one of the many unique roles that military influencers are playing today, as noted by Buzzfeed who highlighted US army influencer Captain Hall and her efforts to raise awareness over all the different people in the military. Across the military, incredible individuals are using social media platforms to raise key issues within the military and help the wider world gain insight into one of the world’s most dangerous professions.

Veteran influencers

One such area direly in need of insight is the veteran community. Veteran influencers benefit from almost instantly having the hearts and minds of viewers. Take Tom Moore, the British WW2 veteran who the BBC reports has raised an astonishing $28m by simply undertaking a sponsored walk-and-talk in his garden. The interest in veterans has helped disadvantaged veterans globally to have a voice. 

In the U.S., awareness has been raised over the rates and types of compensation that disabled veterans are entitled to, with influencers calling attention to the disability rating process and how that can impact veteran’s lives. Clearly, influencers are playing an important part in raising key social issues and also helping the public engage with military influencers.

Making real mental health change

Crossing over with the disability sphere is the impact of mental health on veterans. According to Forbes, influencers have been playing a key role in raising the issue and even creating long term political change to help military personnel and veterans access the mental health care they require. What’s curious about these sorts of campaigns is the wider change they hope to bring. 

Forbes reckons that the US Army will be able to effect widespread mental health and suicide prevention improvements across the USA, rather than just in the military sphere. In this way, military/veteran influencers are playing an even more important role.

Business after service

The pull of military influencing can have benefits in other industries and bring commercial benefits. Practical Ecommerce reported in March that one veteran had used the military theme and style to pull interest towards his underwear brand, which he had designed to be comfortable both for military personnel and civilians. Now, the brand, Sheath Underwear, pulls in $2.6m annually. 

This demonstrates a two-fold benefit when it comes to influencing. Firstly, evidence that social media can help veterans to find new careers after their time in the military comes to an end. Secondly, the fact that social media can be a powerful tool for marketing and that influencing can be used to boost business.

Military influencers are an increasing section of the social media influencing scene and have played an incredible role in a few different areas. That includes benefiting businesses through commercial gains as well as providing much-needed awareness about key issues such as disability and mental health. 

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Karoline Cooke.