August 21, 2019 Tami Nealy

Meet Piper Martin, FYI Influencer Coordinator

I like bringing campaigns to an influencer that they truly feel they are an authentic fit and they are excited about.

Last month Find Your Influence celebrated its sixth birthday. The company couldn’t have achieved the success it has had to date without social media influencers. Without a network of influencers passionate about creating content related to their experiences, influencer marketing could not be successful.

Every influencer in the Find Your Influence network has been curated and categorized by an actual human being right here at our Arizona HQ. Our influencer coordinators not only use more than 25 data points to evaluate the influencers who opt in. No bots. No spammers. Not a single Russian hacker. When you work with an influencer from the Find Your Influencer network, you know you’re getting the real deal: a thought-leader with a history of driving results.

Piper Martin joined the FYI family in October 2018 as an influencer coordinator. Not only does she review influencers who opt in to join the network, she also selects the ideal influencers who will help a brand meet its goals.

A 2017 graduate of Arizona State University, she earned her degree in communications and a certificate in sales/marketing. Prior to joining FYI, she ran an influencer relations department for a brand. I recently sat down with Piper to learn more about her role as an Influencer Coordinator and understand what brings her so much passion in her role. The following is our conversation:

Hey Piper, thanks for sitting down with me. I know you’re super passionate about social media. Can you tell me who was the first influencer you remember following?

OMG! I’m trying to remember an OG influencer. (grabs phone to reference Instagram) I think I first followed Justin Beiber 🙂  The first non-celebrity influencer I followed was probably Kendall Hyzdu. I followed her when she was a normal gal without a significant following.

Why Kendall?

She was friends with a photographer I knew through school and they created really cute content together. I had Instagram when I was really young and because her outfits and photos were cute, I wanted to be like her. She’s worked with many fashion and beauty brands that I use too. She’s the first influencer I remember and I’ve watched her become who she is now. I’ve followed her for so long that I remember her prom photos and her marriage proposal pics!

What influencer do you keep up with daily ?

Sivan Ayla. She covers all topics from fashion, health and wellness, cooking and home decor. She also talks about how she used to shop way too much and I can relate! I really like her fashion and home decor style. When I bought a house last year, I looked to her for home decor ideas. She posted an Instagram story in a dress literally two days ago and I bought it on the spot because she had it. She’s releasing a swimwear line tomorrow and I’m going to be online at 8 a.m. to buy it!!

Was working with social media influencers something you considered while in college?

Yes! It was the only thing I considered doing after college. My first job was interning for a wedding planning company and I managed their social media. I also managed social media for my sorority Kappa Alpha Theta while I was at Arizona State University.

How many new products have you tried based on campaigns you’ve worked on?

I have tried a LOT of new products based on campaigns FYI has done. From food to health and beauty and tons of clothes and shoes from Zappos, I’ve tried a lot of new things. I may or may not have items in my Zappos cart right now.

What goals does an influencer coordinator have each month? 

It’s important to deliver the right influencers to reach the goals of each campaign. I like bringing campaigns to influencers that they truly feel they are an authentic fit and they are excited about.

What brings you the most joy in your role?

I really like working on new types of niche companies that I have never worked on before. Right now I’m working on a pharmaceutical campaign and finding the right influencers is a challenge I enjoy. I love over-delivering on results.

What frustrates you the most in your role? 

There isn’t really much I find frustrating. There are a lot of “problems” that have easy solutions. There is always a way to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

If you were hiring another Influencer Coordinator, what qualities would you look for in a candidate?

In this role, it’s important to be creative and  think outside of the box. An influencer coordinator needs to be task-oriented and very organized, often balancing 15-20  different campaigns at once.

As an Influencer Coordinator is it important you maintain your own social presence too?  Where can people follow you?

I love to share on Instagram and Instagram stories. I’m thinking about doing a daily poll on my Instagram stories — jelly donuts, yes or no? Some people have violent opinions on jelly donuts and I want to know why!! I want to connect with people and understand them more. I’m not an influencer myself but putting out content that is important to my friends and family is fun.

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