August 7, 2019 Tami Nealy

Meet Ashley Beckman, Find Your Influence Account Manager

“I’m notorious for buying most of the products from campaigns I work on!”

Find Your Influence is more than just the industry’s first SaaS platform helping brands and agencies scale influencer marketing programs. Did you know Find Your Influence also offers a Managed Services program so busy marketers can focus on other marketing strategies while the expert marketers at Find Your Influence run their influencer campaigns?

The Find Your Influence expert marketers, our account managers, each run about a dozen campaigns at any given time so brands can manage other projects. Pros like Ashley Beckman have worked on some of Find Your Influence’s largest influencer campaigns to date.

Ashley joined the Find Your Influence team in July 2018 as an account manager and serves as the liaison between brands/agencies to execute their influencer campaigns. Prior to working with Find Your Influence, Ashley worked with small businesses to help build websites and run their social media channels.

On Thursday, July 11, I met with Ashley to learn more about what being an Account Manager with Find Your Influence includes. The following is a snapshot of our chat:

You work in influencer marketing with Find Your Influence but is there an influencer you keep up with daily?

I have a passion for beauty products and Sophie Hannah is a beauty blogger I follow and look to for inspiration. I follow her on both her Instagram and YouTube channels.

You’ve worked on many different types of influencer campaigns with Find Your Influence. Can you tell me about your favorite campaign?

One of my favorite campaigns was with a supplement that helps prevent hangovers. Both the brand and the product are really fun and influencers were really excited to participate. Influencers really got into developing their content and telling stories. Because the influencers were so passionate, we were able to over-deliver on our performance guarantee! The product is so successful and influencers were so excited that they created more content than was required for the campaign!

During your time at Find Your Influence, what brand took the most out-of-the-box approach to a campaign?

I worked with a plant-based milk brand that sent full-size products to all 150 influencers participating in the campaign. They didn’t just send one flavor, they sent four different varieties to each influencer! That was more than 600 cartons sent. As a result, the content the influencers created was successful and the brand was able to repurpose within their marketing program on their social media channels. By sending out so much product, the brand was able to get evergreen imagery that they can reuse well into the future.

How many new products have you tried based on campaigns you’ve worked on here at Find Your Influence?

A lot. Seriously. I’m notorious for buying most of the products from campaigns I work on! The plant-based milk brand has been one of my favorites. I’ve worked on so many different campaigns from food to beauty and fashion and even pet products and I’ve purchased most of it.

You often serve as a project manager between agencies, brands and influencers. Can you describe your communication style to keep everything executing on time?

I’m big on over-communicating. As an account manager communication is critical. I prefer to receive information in list format so I share information in the same format. This makes it clear to all parties I’m working with exactly what is needed and helps everyone best understand deadlines.

As an account manager with Find Your Influence, what do your goals look like each month?

The most important goal for me each month is to have campaigns running on time and on budget. I monitor this every day. I am also keeping a general gauge on the number of content pieces launching and the overall sentiment of the content. I take weekly temperature checks on overall sentiment to ensure the campaign is moving in the right direction to meet the client’s goals.

What brings you the most joy in your role?

I really like working with new influencers who have not worked on many campaigns to date. Setting them up for success with a cool brand is really exciting and helps to build their momentum as influencers.

What frustrates you the most in your role? 

From time to time, managing client expectations can be challenging. Influencer marketing is still a relatively new marketing pillar to some brands and comparing investment and outcomes to “traditional” media can be tricky. I try to help brands understand that it’s never going to be an apples-to-apples comparison but instead walking through the results of the campaign to demonstrate success and their return on investment.

If you were hiring another Account Manager at Find Your Influence, what qualities would you look for in a candidate?

As an Account Manager working on influencer campaigns, you need to be super detail-oriented and very organized. A warm and friendly demeanor goes a long way when working with brands and agencies to build trust.