November 23, 2020 Guest Blogger

Managing Your Social Media Presence for Writers

Managing Your Influence as Writer

Influencer marketing can be an excellent way for writers to monetize their hard work further. Influencer marketing is to social media what commercials are to television. This marketing method creates mutually beneficial relationships between creators and companies, which provide an additional source of revenue for creators. Continue reading to learn more about how writers can benefit from influencer marketing and how you can begin making more money today.

What Should You Post to Social Media?

The first step is obvious—you need to be on social media.  As a writer, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are your holy trinity for finding success.  Many writers also start YouTube channels.  Self-published author Jenna Moreci uses her Twitter and her Facebook to share updates and interact with fans.  Jenna’s Instagram is still professional, but it shows a more personal side of her, which allows for a sense of relatability.  Jenna’s YouTube channel is where she truly thrives.  Jenna uses her channel to help other writers learn from her writing journey.  By doing this, Jenna’s channel is not only an additional source of income, but it also enables her to reference and promote her own writing.  Jenna’s videos cater to a specific audience about a topic she’s knowledgeable of, and, in addition, aspiring authors are arguably the ones most likely to support an independent author.

Managing Your Online Presence for Writers

Jenna is an excellent example not only when it comes to what to post, but also when it comes to what not to post.  According to an article by Katie Camero of the Miami Herald, cancel culture refers to the idea of cancelling—or shunning—celebrities who do—or represent something offensive to particular people, cultures, or ideologies.  Jenna is aware of how divided America is, and, although she often advocates for a diverse cast of characters, she does not get political because that would alienate some of her followers.  Instead, Jenna keeps her content relevant to her job: writing. 

How Can You Make A Living on Social Media?

When it comes to traditionally published authors, the publishers give the author money up-front—this is called an advance.  However, it has become increasingly harder to be published by a mainstream publisher, and even if you are, you will not receive a Stephen King-sized advance.  Therefore, regardless of which way you publish, your primary source of income will come from your royalties—a percentage of the sale price that goes to the author.  Of course, this number fluctuates, so it is wise to have alternative sources of income. 

Making Money on Social Media

As previously mentioned, some authors, such as Jenna, make some money from YouTube videos.  It is also common for independent writers to create an account on Patreon, where they offer supplemental content for followers who are willing to pay a monthly fee.  However, a popular option—and one that Jenna also utilizes are brand deals, where Jenna connects with a larger company/brand, and creates a YouTube video—or some other social media post—and talks about the company’s product/service, often in the form of a user review.  Brand deals, also referred to as influencer marketing campaigns, are beneficial to both parties because the larger company receives direct promotion for their target demographic, while Jenna, the creator, receives extra income.  For instance, Jenna often does brand deals with the online learning platform Skillshare, who is looking for more people to sign up for various writing, self-publishing, or self-marketing courses.

Why Do You Need Find Your Influence?

When is the last time you really watched a commercial?  Many Americans are shifting away from cable in favor of streaming—and those who still have cable either skip through the commercials or use the commercials as an opportunity to check Twitter.  Influencer marketing is the future, and after signing up with Find Your Influence for free and answering a few questions, you will be matched with compatible companies.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Jason Noury.