July 31, 2019 Tami Nealy

Influencers Are Excited About Using CBD Products

CBD Influencers

Find Your Influence has a sampling of more than 100 influencers who are ready to share their CBD experiences today.

In December 2018, the United States Congress approved the 2018 Farm Bill, making CBD products federally legal. Social media influencers have taken notice and are enthusiastically posting about their experiences. CBD brands are expanding their marketing strategies and are engaging digital content creators to share authentic experiences via influencer marketing campaigns, a quick and easy approach to reaching a highly-engaged target audience.

A 2019 survey of influencers in the FYI network asked a series of questions about experiences and interest related to CBD products. The results weren’t surprising to FYI, however may likely be of particular interest to CBD brands. Working with influencers to promote their products can help magnify brand awareness and strengthen their current brand strategy. And influencers are ready to help.

Sixty-three percent of the influencers surveyed currently use CBD products. Influencers currently using these products shared that they use it to help manage anxiety (25%) and for chronic pain management like arthritis or joint pain (21%). When asked what types of products they use, 38% of respondents signaled they use drops. 

Thirty-seven percent of the influencers surveyed do not currently use CBD products. That group was asked if they would be open to trying in the future and 84% suggested they would.

When asked about the benefits influencers have seen from using cannabidiol CBD products, influencers were quick to share. 

“I can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer; overall feel like a healthier person when I take it consistently.”

“It helps my anxiety instantly and SO MUCH. I would rather not be on medication for it, and this allows me to manage it on my own.” 

“My recovery from knee surgery was sped up dramatically and my sleep is fantastic providing better recovery for more running.”

“It helps to reduce the symptoms of my anxiety, it helps me to relax and sleep more deeply and my body has been feeling great.” 

CBD brands ready to lean in to digital marketing can find immediate success with influencer marketing. Finding the right influencers to engage has never been easier. Find Your Influence has a sampling of more than 100 influencers who are ready to share their CBD experiences today.

If you think your brand could leverage social media influencers to present your product to their followers (your target audience), request a demo of the FYI platform today.

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