July 24, 2019 Tami Nealy

Happy Sixth Birthday, Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence

It’s been a period of exciting growth for both the Find Your Influence platform and the team helping us get there.

How does one find your influence? For Jamie Reardon and Cristine Vieira, it began in 2012 when they were digital marketers with LifeLock, a leading identity theft protection service. They were scaling an in-house blogger program and began searching for technology solutions that could help them more easily identify social media influencers. They looked and looked. Each time, coming up empty-handed.

They searched Google repeatedly for “influencer marketing technology”, “social media technology”, and “blogger technology” only to find zero results returned. When they were not able to find a solution to help make influencer marketing more efficient, they immediately recognized they needed to go build it. Having worked side by side for six years, they each well understood their entrepreneurial spirit. In July 2013, Reardon and Vieira introduced Find Your Influence, a proprietary technology for discovering influencers, managing campaigns and tracking performance metrics. 

“When we first began, our vision was to create a technology solution to support small businesses,” explained Vieira. “We quickly discovered that large brands and agencies had the biggest appetite for the technology.”

Fast forward six years and Find Your Influence is the leading influencer marketing solution relied on by brands both big and small.  Earlier this year the company introduced FYI Exchange, an extension of the platform that allows brands to connect with influencers and simply exchange product for content.

“It’s been a period of exciting growth for both the platform and the team helping us get there,” said Vieira. The company has 25+ employees and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Why do employees love coming to work each day? In honor of turning six, we asked six employees what they love about Find Your Influence.

“One of the things I love most about FYI is the positive spirit of my co-workers. You can feel the positive energy in the air everyday and I think we all feed off everyone else’s positive energy.”  Brad Shroyer, UI/UX Designer with Find Your Influence.

“We hire personalities to fit our culture. Since influencer marketing isn’t a form of marketing a lot of people know or even understand; we have to teach it. It’s great that we find the right personalities to enrich our culture. Also, Jamie and Cristine are the roll-up-their-sleeves-and-help kind of leaders. There have been times I have been digging in the trenches to meet a deadline and they’ve been right there to help.” Samantha Ley, Director, Client Development, Find Your Influence.

“We don’t call each other co-workers, we call each other family. Let’s see, I’ve got my older brothers and sisters holding it down on the account management side.  My aunts and uncles are constantly running around the country doing their sales thing. Can’t forget about my super smart cousins in development and my closest siblings killing the game in talent management. Finally I’ve got Mom and Mom. Ope! They’re calling me now. Sorry, gotta run!”  Mikey Campbell, Digital Media Producer, Find Your Influence.

“My favorite thing about working at Find Your Influence is the people I am surrounded by each and every day! The employees of FYI are supportive, kind, and always pushing me to succeed. They have come to my yoga classes, helped me move houses, and we even spend our days off together. They say you become who you surround yourself with and I’m happy to be influenced by the people of the FYI!” Sarah Hickam, Influencer Manager with Find Your Influence.

“Right from the inception of an idea to the implementation, we take inputs right from the interns to the co-founders which creates a holistic approach to the problems we are solving. Influencer marketing space over time is shifting across social media platforms, which gives me new challenges as well as pushes everyone to innovate.” Jaswanth Ponnavolu, Data Analyst with Find Your Influence.

“My favorite things about working at FYI is the camaraderie within our team. No task is too big or too small for our team to take on and we finish each ask as a team. We pride ourselves on working together and always have fun along the way. We truly have something special and unique here at FYI!” Chelsea Goodson, Director, Influencer Management with Find Your Influence.