May 22, 2019 Guest Blogger

Expanding Your Brand Through Social Media Views

Creating a YouTube account is one of the easiest steps towards marketing and expanding your brand to the public.

In a day and age where anyone can have a social media account, reaching your demographic is more competitive than ever. YouTube is a hugely successful platform, with over 1.8 billion users worldwide; Google’s most popular service is the go-to video streaming website with influencers like Jeffree Star, Safiya Nygaard, and Jenna Marbles. With music videos, beauty tutorials, movie reviews, tech advice and so much more, the expansive catalog of content and viewers is unlike any other. When trying to grow and cultivate a brand, YouTube can do wonders and in this world, content is king.

Brainstorming Time

Before signing up and diving into the world of online amusement, it’s wise to first figure out what area of the market you’re trying to access. Figuring out your niche or area of expertise is a perfect starting point. Are you seeking to go into cooking and baking? Maybe you want to make clips about the best amusement parks in America? Whatever it is you’d like, determine what market your social media account will cater to and categorize your work directly to that demographic. Getting views is important, but those can come more easily if you know exactly what your channel’s goals are.

Reaching the Masses via Social Media Platforms

You can have all the fancy camera equipment and hardware in the world, that alone won’t sustain your views. Just because you know who your brand will market to doesn’t mean you have an audience. Building an audience on social media with long-term fans can ensure the longevity of your brand. Partnering with businesses and potential investors could also help develop concepts and allocate resources to better create entertaining ideas and make happier subscribers. Taking the time to engage with your audience on social media — whether it’s 50,000 users or 5—will help your channel in the long run.

Social Media Runs on Authenticity

Influencers help put a face to your social media channel and can help with getting more exposure. When one’s job is to persuade or impact another person in a certain way, sincerity is of utmost importance. No one will want to listen to someone who isn’t acting like their honest self. Many YouTubers try to keep up with the demand for new videos so much that they end up unhappy and apathetic. Being disingenuous does a disservice to the channel’s expansion, while authenticity is palpable and endearing. Excitement for the content and production process is the backbone to any successful influencing. The way you feel towards your craft will most likely affect how others feel as well.

Creating a YouTube account is one of the easiest steps towards marketing and expanding your brand to the public. While it won’t be an immediate hit, your brand can increase in size with careful consideration and serious brainstorming. Knowing your channel inside and out, engaging with your followers, and staying sincere throughout the entire process ensures enjoyable and prosperous video content.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Karoline Cooke

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