August 24, 2020 Guest Blogger

6 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Influencer Marketing

If you’re an Instagrammer – whether you do it for the money, or just because – then you know about Instagram Stories. And, you also know that Instagram Stories only last for twenty-four hours. But that’s what makes them special. In fact, Instagram Stories can keep your followers updated about what’s going on, from selfies to event posting and can very helpful within an influencer marketing campaign.

Most brands have already started to use Instagram Stories to promote their products. In fact, one-third of these Stories come from businesses; and one out of five Instagram Stories gets a direct message from viewers.

Want to incorporate Instagram Stories in your influencer marketing strategy? Influencers and Instagram Stories go hand-in-hand when reaching a target audience. Even collaborating with other influencers on Instagram can give you more publicity.

Here are six ways to drive your next influencer marketing campaign with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories with Polls

“Polls are a great way to reach out to your viewers, and keep them engaged,” says Rosa Davis, a business writer at Boomessays and Revieweal. “In fact, Instagram has something called Poll Stickers, where the influencer asks his or her viewers a question in Stories, by writing the question on screen along with two or more answers that people can choose from. The fun part is customizing your poll stickers however you want. This allows viewers to engage by answering the poll; and it helps you get plenty of feedback in due time, and creates anticipation for an event or a new product.”

Promote Your Location(s)

Instagram Stories lets you drive your fans to specific venues, based on where you are. Whether you’re in one location, or your business has multiple locations, be sure to tag them, using the GPS location feature, as well as the right #hashtags. This allows you to inform your followers by nearby events or upcoming ones that may be out of town.

Host Q&As

Instagram Stories also allows you to host Q&A sessions. First, let your followers know ahead of time that you’ll be hosting a Q&A via Stories. Then, once you’re in the session, you can answer any questions that your audience has. It’s like walking into an engaging interview session. And remember: Have fun!

Show Behind-The-Scenes Stuff

If you’re a good storyteller, then Instagram Stories is for you. Stories also work as visual storytelling, which helps you show viewers how things are made. This can include anything from:

  • Showcasing how your artwork is made
  • Interviewing people who have inspired you
  • Following the journey of a product from raw materials to the finished product

Cover Events

People love going to events, and they also love to hear about them. If you’re conducting events to promote your brand, be sure to invite influencers. Regardless if it’s a small gathering or a gala event, influencers can help you take your brand to the next level by giving your event more exposure, and helping you drive sales.

For example, influencers can share your Instagram Stories to their audiences, and give minute-by-minute updates on what’s going on at your event.

Use Instagram Stories to Give Shoutouts

“Shoutouts are everything in social media, especially when you already have people that view and like your posts,” says Catrina Kerstetter, a marketer at Academized and Do My Homework. “Instagram Stories allows you to tag your friends, fans, brands and anybody else you want to give a shoutout to.”

To leave a shoutout on Instagram, do the following:

  • Tap the camera icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen, or swipe right from anywhere in Feed
  • Take a photo or video, then tap.
  • Type “@” followed immediately by a username. Then choose the person or brand you want to give the shoutout to.

Instagram Stories should be fun and engaging on your end; however, collaborating with influencers can help the experience be more fun, and help you reach more people and drive sales. With Stickers, GIFs and Polls, there is a lot to experiment with on Stories.

So, are you ready to get the ball rolling and promote your brand? Then why not start by creating your own Instagram Story today? Take your viewers behind the scenes, and make them part of the experience. And while you’re at it, partner with social media influencers to extend your reach and awareness, and leave great shoutouts to show that you care. 

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Molly Crockett.

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