3 Ways Surveys Impact Influencer Marketing

Brands and agencies rely on influencer surveys prior to launching influencer marketing campaigns.

Marketers and PR professionals want to understand outcomes before investing resources into a new channel. What can they expect for ROI? What is the reach? Are there case studies to review? Are there influencers to execute this influencer marketing campaign?

Built in to the Find Your Influence (FYI) platform is proprietary surveying technology. Brands and agencies have access to target specific social media influencers who have opted in to the FYI platform. When connecting with influencers in the FYI network, additional information can be revealed that may be critical to an influencer marketing campaign. And the best part is that FYI surveys often net a response rate of 40 percent or greater!

Brands and agencies rely on influencer surveys prior to launching influencer marketing campaigns for three primary reasons.

  • Reveal Attributes of A Target Audience. Every survey has a different focus aimed to solve a unique problem. These rely on influencers to share details about everything from their shopping habits to the frequency they change the oil in their vehicle. Understanding audience demographics are crucial to a successful influencer marketing campaign.
  • Shape Decision-Making. Conducting influencer surveys is an unbiased approach to decision-making. Brands planning influencer marketing campaigns can leverage the results to discover the ideal influencers or to form the direction of their campaign.
  • Expedite Influencer Selection. Campaign offers come quickly on the heels of survey results. The results often highlight interested individuals who may or may not have been part of another selection criteria.

Influencer surveys through the FYI platform are particularly targeted. Brands and agencies have the ability to select and work with influencers who naturally match their defined target audience. They are also useful in describing the characteristics of a large population. No other research method can provide this expansive capability that ensures a more accurate sample to gather targeted results.

FYI surveys yield the most responses when questions are limited between three and five. Survey questions that provide a pre-set list of answers in lieu of open-ended answers also impact a higher response rate.

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