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YouTube Influencer Marketing: Types Of Campaigns You Should Consider

Influencer marketing is in trend and is used by many brands for their product promotion. YouTube influencer marketing is one such platform through which you can increase your brand value and the customer base. There are many social media platforms where this marketing could be done. However, YouTube is the most widely used and evergreen app that will live on forever. YouTube could thus be known as the best app to use for influencer marketing.

There are many campaigns used in influencer marketing, and businesses need to be aware of such campaigns. This post will provide the details of the different types of campaigns that could be used for YouTube influencer marketing. You should know how to accurately track influencer campaigns and how to make a free YouTube intro for your brand, which will help in creating brand awareness among the customers.

Types of Campaigns to Consider for YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube influencer marketing is a fairly easy task if you are aware of the current influencers in the market. All the brand has to do is find any highly followed YouTube influencer and let them promote their brands by using different campaigns. This post will feature some of the campaigns that can be used by brands to increase their customers or followers. Let’s look at some of the YouTube campaigns that you can use for your brand.

  1. Unboxing Videos: Unboxing and review video creation is the style of endorsing a product by opening and providing its details to the users. The influencers in these videos open the package and then use the product in front of their customers and provide their pros and cons. These videos are watched by millions of people and are a big factor in brand awareness.
  2. Sponsored Videos: Sponsored videos are easy and provide a quick review and details of the product in the influencer’s videos. These videos are also used in a variety of applications available online. YouTube influencers can also sponsor the brand in between their videos, and talk about the brand themself. This gives the followers a good idea of the brand and can get them interested in it as well.
  3. Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is another YouTube influencer campaign that can help in increasing the promotion of the brands. The influencer should be aware of how to make a free YouTube intro and thus base their promotion on the intro video. The main focus of brand awareness is not sales, rather, it focuses on the awareness of the brand. The goal of the brand is to get the customers familiar with their products.
  4. Tutorial Videos: How-to and Tutorial videos are among the most searched videos on YouTube. The influencers use these videos to familiarize the customers with the products and provide details on how to use the specific product. These videos are very helpful in increasing brand awareness and also provide value to the customers.
  5. Giveaway Campaigns: These campaigns are very popular among the YouTube influencer marketing techniques. This type of campaign helps the brands in increasing their customer base. The influencers might create a contest for the followers, the result of which would be the free giveaway of products or services provided by the company. The brand sends its products to the influencers and with help of their followers, they promote the brand while making their followers interested in the free giveaways.
  6. YouTube Live: YouTube live is another promotion technique, where the influencers are live and they discuss a product while filming. This needs to be done in such a way, that it does not feel forced and neither should the whole video be centered around the brand promotion. The influencer needs to improve and promote the brand through YouTube live.
  7. YouTube Vlogs: A lot of YouTube influencers Vlog their daily life and interact with their audiences through it. This develops a close bond between them and by improvising the product placement in their daily life, these influencers can promote a product or brand without the followers even realizing it.

Finding a Suitable Influencer

It is necessary to find an influencer who knows what they are doing and they should have a huge fanbase, otherwise what is the use of promotion? Right?

You should know the how the type of products that your brand creates can be promoted by the influencer. The niche of the product and the influencer should match, otherwise, you’d be targeting the wrong audience. Platforms like Find Your Influence help brands and agencies identify influencers, launch campaigns, track performance and even report results. For nearly a decade, proprietary machine learning has informed Find Your Influence in the development of the industry’s most robust influencer identification technology. From analyzing influencer content for consistent topics being discussed to identifying look-alike audiences, the Find Your Influence platform is powered by campaign data dating back to 2013.


YouTube influencer marketing is presently the best form of the marketing campaign, which helps in brand awareness and can increase the brand’s customers. It is important to connect to a good YouTube influencer by reacting to some of their videos and mentioning their favorite videos. You can tell them about how their videos have the same genre as their product and why they should promote your brand. This is the latest form of marketing and YouTube is presently the best platform to connect with the audience.

All the different campaigns mentioned in the article above are well researched and will provide definite value to your brand if done properly. YouTubers have a good intimate connection with their audience which can help in increasing your brand value. So, go ahead and search for some of the best YouTubers and partner with them to create content for your brand. 

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