October 16, 2019 Sarah Hickam

When Is the Right Time for Brand Partnerships?

Brand Partnerships

Do not lose sight of the fact that a brand partnership is a business deal.

If you are an influencer and are beginning to feel like your social platforms are strong enough to work with brands, you’re probably right. The world of influencer marketing is so wonderful because there are so many opportunities for content creators to earn money for the work they are doing, regardless of follower count. If you think you are ready to join the world of sponsored content, there are a few guidelines you should follow to make yourself accessible and presentable for brand partnerships.

Platform Access

First, start by ensuring that all of your platforms are accessible and easy to navigate. Find Your Influence recommends having a minimum of two strong platforms, meaning they both have a good following of engaged viewers and you post on them regularly. Check that none of your social media platforms are set to private as this will adversely impact any potential brand partnerships. Be sure to only provide social links of channels where you are active.

Contact Information

When brands seek influencers for brand partnerships, they need to know how to reach you. On your active channels, be certain you display a way to contact you other than your DM’s. This can be an email address in your bio or a contact box on your blog. If you choose to do a contact box, display your email above it as well. It can be difficult for brands to communicate with someone starting from a contact box because the brand won’t have a record of their original message to you.

Brand Partnerships: This is Business

Do not lose sight of the fact that a brand partnership is a business deal. You are a business owner. Your business is your brand and it is important that you present yourself in the way that you want your brand to be seen. You also have the right to negotiate, request a contract and ask any questions you have. While these brand opportunities are exciting and fun, they come with a level of responsibility as well. It is important to conduct yourself professionally at all times, respond timely to emails, and follow through on every commitment. When you hear companies referring to “brand safe” influencers, this is what they are talking about. They are investing in you to represent them in a positive and safe light. 

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