April 24, 2019 Tami Nealy

Influencers, Here’s How to Get the Greatest Benefit From FYI


The mission of the Find Your Influence team is to ignite connections to impact and inspire.

Find Your Influence has been pairing brands with social media influencers since 2013. Throughout that time, influencers have repeatedly sought answers to some common questions related to the Find Your Influence (FYI) platform. With an influencer network reaching more than 100,000 influencers, we thought we would tackle the most common questions we hear.

I Completed My Influencer Profile, When Will I Be Approved?

The technology powering the FYI platform is an effective solution to help brands and agencies scale their influencer marketing campaigns and to connect them with the right content creators. However, reviewing individual influencers who apply to join the platform is not powered by technology, but by individuals at FYI HQ.

“In general, we aim to review and approve influencers who apply to our platform within a 72-hour window,” explains Chelsea Goodson, Director of Influencer Management. When the Influencer Management team reviews influencers, they are reviewing all of their social profiles, reviewing content and confirming their profile is complete. “Influencers are approved after we confirm the quality of their content, their social media footprint, engagement and reach. It’s important that their engagement matches their reach.”

I’ve Been in the FYI Platform for a While But I’m Not Getting Offers

The mission of the Find Your Influence team is to ignite connections to impact and inspire. We are focused everyday on helping brands and agencies work with influencers who will best reach their target audience. “If it’s been some time since an influencer completed their profile in our platform, we encourage them to review and update,” says Goodson. “Content creators evolve over time based on life experiences and may have new categories they now speak to via their channels.”

Updating the FYI profile is a great start but influencers should also consider letting the influencer management team know directly about any life milestones that may be approaching. For example, if you’re expecting a child or grandchild, let us know. There are infant brands looking to connect. Are any influencers considering buying or selling a home? FYI works with real estate groups that would be happy to engage with you. Email us at info@findyourinfluence.com and tell us about any big events you have coming up, we would love to connect you with the right brands.

From time to time, FYI surveys the influencers in the platform when a brand or agency is looking for a specific niche influencer. Respond to surveys in a timely manner and you can also improve your chances of being contacted about a campaign opportunity.

I Had a Great Experience Working With Brand X and I’d Love to Do It Again

Did you have a great experience working on a campaign with a specific brand? Influencer marketing works best when the content created is authentic to both the brand and influencers. Let FYI know if you’re interested in creating additional content for a brand and the team will spread the word.

“I’ve been with FYI for four years and it’s been such a pleasure to see influencers who create content that not only resonates with their followers but demonstrates to brands the real power of influencers,” Goodson shares.

The FYI team takes great pride in its relationships with both brands and influencers. If you’re an influencer and still have questions, we have a series of frequently asked questions that may provide the clarity you’re looking for. And if you have friends who are also content creators, point them to sign up for the FYI platform too.