March 1, 2021 Guest Blogger

Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Tax Brands

Tax Time and Influencers

Brands specializing in tax preparation software or services should be considering influencer marketing. If they don’t, their competition is.

Every year, working Americans are required to file their taxes with the IRS, and influencers are no exception.  Therefore, influencers can use their platform to help walk their followers through the tax-filing process and deadlines.

An example of how influencer marketing works is that influencers can help educate their followers by producing content—videos, blog posts, articles, or some other medium—that breaks down the steps for filing taxes.  This could be a beauty guru making a makeup tutorial or a chef creating a cooking video—except, in this scenario, it would be an influencer preparing his/her taxes.  While it may at first appear a little off brand for influencers who don’t regularly talk about finances or taxes, it is still relevant due to the universality of taxes.

For instance, self-published author Jenna Moreci could make video tutorials for tax season.  Of course, Jenna Moreci is not a tax expert, but by creating content that showed how she prepared for tax season she would be offering a truly helpful service by making tax filing less confusing for her viewers.

Additionally, creating videos related to tax-filing would be the perfect opportunity for Jenna to partner with brands like TurboTax on an influencer marketing campaign.  Although it might not seem like TurboTax would benefit from Jenna’s audience, they would because Jenna’s audience is primarily made up of writers who aspire to attain Jenna’s success, and, as a result, they trust her when she recommends a brand.

In a partnership with H&R Block, self-employed blogger Alicia Tenise wrote a blog post where she shared some of the tips that she has learned over the years that have allowed her to get the most out of H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go service.  By using an app called Scannable, Alicia demonstrated how she could easily scan all of her receipts and save them digitally in order to save herself some time and greatly reduce her stress levels during tax season.  By putting in a little more effort throughout the year, she is able to complete her taxes without any hassle, all whilst running her own business.  On top of that, she is able to file her taxes with confidence, and without any fear of missing any crucial information.

As a blogger, Alicia has a platform that she can use as a means to seamlessly profit off of filing her taxes using H&R Block—something that she had already been planning on doing, anyway.  Her blog post not only helps her tax-filing followers, but it also helps H&R Block reach hundreds—if not thousands—of new potential customers.

The bottom line is that all influencers—or at least those who profit off of their platform—file taxes, so it would be silly of them not to take advantage of the situation and use it as an opportunity to educate their followers, all while showing companies like TurboTax and H&R Block just how valuable they are.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Jason Noury.