February 14, 2019 Tami Nealy

How to Succeed at Influencer-Driven Shopper Marketing

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Brands that understand the shopping experience are uniquely positioned to excel when integrating content creators into their overall shopper marketing strategy.

Shopper marketing is a key component of many brand’s overall marketing strategy. It provides a deeper understanding about how targeted consumers behave as shoppers. The ability to connect with a shopper on a brand and retail level provides the ability to increase in-retail penetration. It can also strengthen the shopper’s brand affinity and overall relationship with the retailer.

But how can you take your shopper marketing strategy to the next level? Try adding influencer marketing to the mix. Content creators can help brands reach their target audience directly using new voices.

“As brand marketers in the shopper space, it’s important to continue to look to provide a clear path to retail for online consumers,” explained Charlie Brugnolotti, Senior Vice President at Find Your Influence. “By developing strong influencer-driven shopper marketing narratives, that include strong calls to actions, brands can achieve their goals.”

Influencer marketing campaigns may feel overwhelming at first. Some brands have expressed hesitation about not knowing where to begin.

“Creating an influencer marketing campaign in the absence of a technology platform is quite challenging,” said Samantha Ley, Director of Client Development at Find Your Influence (FYI). Before joining FYI, Ley was part of the sales and marketing team, with a premier hotel brand. She worked directly with social media influencers to create authentic content. “Searching the internet for influencers, understanding their followers, contracting with them, reviewing their content and paying them was a full time job. And one that was challenging to scale.”

Influencer marketing platforms like Find Your Influence, eliminate the headaches of discovering, negotiating and contracting with influencers easier than ever. Content creators in the FYI network are passionate about shopping, and FYI has the data to prove it.


Built into the FYI platform is the ability to survey influencers about anything, including their shopping behaviors. This technology is the most efficient way to discover the perfect influencer(s) for every campaign and also dig in and understand more about them. Surveys delivered via the FYI platform typically net a 70% + response rate.

In a recent shopper marketing survey, influencers in the FYI network were asked about their grocery/drugstore preferences, shopping habits and the loyalty programs they prefer. The results indicate that 67% of respondents visit a grocery store two or more times per week. 57% of those same savvy shoppers also signaled that they regularly use a mobile coupon app for additional savings. Additionally, 70% of influencers surveyed said that they have ordered groceries online at least once. 36% have ordered groceries online within the prior three week period.

shopper survey

These influencers, from micro-influencers to power-plus level influencers have signaled their shopping habits, which can likely influence the habits of their followers.

“Shopper marketing is a natural next step for influencer marketing campaigns,” said Jamie Reardon, CEO and co-founder of Find Your Influence. “Brands and influencers work best when they understand what each is working to achieve. Brands that understand the shopping experience are uniquely positioned to excel when integrating content creators into their overall shopper marketing strategy.”

Don’t jump into influencer marketing alone. Put Find Your Influence to work. The FYI team of veteran marketers is ready to help you achieve your shopper marketing goals. Contact FYI today.


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