January 29, 2019 Amber Bruemmer

Event Marketing: The Power of Social Media Influencers at Events

Event Marketing

Influencers are everywhere.

They’re online, in person, and at events of all sizes. From major sporting events and music festivals to local food festivals and boutique openings; influencers amplify event marketing messages.

There are many different ways content creators can leverage their social following to work with brands and promote their products or services.   The power influencers carry at live events is monumental. When an influencer is able to attend an event and highlight the product in person, it magnifies the promotion in a new way.

Smart brands recognize the value of including content creators in their event marketing strategy. When partnering with brands at live events, influencers are able to reach a larger audience – not only their current followers but the larger group of event attendees too. When content creators attend live events, it creates a different dimension to the product and the content.

I spoke with Jordyn Frary, Influencer Manager at Find Your Influence (FYI),  and asked about her experience working with content creators at events. What follows is our conversation:

Do content creators gain additional power in their voice by attending and supporting live events?  

Absolutely! By being invited to participate in events, brands acknowledge that the influencer aligns with their brand. From the audience side, followers love to see influencers partnering with their favorite brands.”

What successes have you seen events gain from leveraging an influencer marketing campaign?

“Influencer attendance at events can increase traffic to an event. Influencers can also increase brand awareness and create authentic, real-time content for the brand.”

When comparing events that influencers have endorsed against events where there was not an influencer marketing plan, how are the outcomes different?

“The difference is really the event marketing plan. A plan that includes content creators sees a significant lift in awareness. There are many great events competing for the consumers’ attention. Those events that leverage social influencers create a conversation in your social channels everyday.”

You helped pair influencers with the brand Got2B for the Governors Ball event. Can you walk me through what went into that?

Influencers were invited to the Governors Ball in New York City in June 2017 to join Got2b at their braid bar. They were encouraged to create content from the braid bar on their Instagram feeds and the outcome was great! Got2b filled their sign-up sheets and people waiting for a chance to get their hair done. The influencers were very sweet to work with and Got2b loved the content. Got2b also shared images of the influencers at the event on the brand’s Instagram page.”

The combination of brands and influencers at events is powerful. The ability for influencers to bring non-event attendees into a live event through real-time social content is powerful. Considering Instagram influencers for your next event but aren’t sure how to execute? Let our team of expert marketers help today.

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