September 18, 2019 Michael Creel

Earn Credibility with Your Personal Brand

personal brand

“Your brand is personal. Your brand is you. No one knows your brand better than you and no one can explain your brand better than you.”

Since the launch of social media platforms at the turn of the century, the term “influence” has undergone a shift. It means one thing to brands and social media users and something a bit different to public relations professionals. The one common thread is that influence relies fully on how you showcase your personal brand.

Your “brand” doesn’t have to be a product or service you make available. Your personal brand is who you are.  Do you have a message that can positively impact the world? Are you committed to upping your visibility to get more digital and real-world exposure? What do you expect to achieve by gaining authority and upping your influence?

FYI’s  VP of Communications and PR, Tami Nealy, was a recent guest on the Ignition Point podcast with host Steven Miller where she discussed all things influence from being a thought-leader to the impact of social media influencers. She shared effective strategies she has seen over the course of her career that can help professionals of all ages invest in their personal brand.

If you’re interested in learning how to enhance your personal brand, tune in and listen to the 16-minute podcast, “Earn Credibility with Your Brand”. Ignition Point podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google PodcastsGoogle Play and more

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