May 29, 2019 Tami Nealy

Being Introverts Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Be Influencers

When introverts are able to manage social media without it being too loud for them, they’re able to communicate authentic stories that speak to their followers. 

We live in a digital world where social media is essential for any successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can now make a living through their social media accounts, a profession popularly known as being an “influencer”. Influencers are substantial professions nowadays, with brands sponsoring individual social media accounts with large followings. Our post ‘Bloggers: The Original Influencers’ notes that these professionals know how to post relevant content that keeps people engaged. But how does one become an influencer? What are the factors that make one successful? While the term connotes active engagement on a social level, this doesn’t mean only extroverts can become influencers. Introverts can be influencers as well, and by tailoring their skills to suit their personality they can be even more successful than their extrovert counterparts.

Inc.’s Damon Brown suggests that introverts can be very effective on social media. While engaging in social media requires actively engaging with other people, there are things that introverts can do to manage the social aspects in a way that works for them. Scheduling posts, following fewer people, and taking regular social media breaks are some of the techniques that can help introverts thrive online. When introverts are able to manage social media without it being too loud for them, they’re able to communicate authentic stories that speak to their followers. This also reduces the chances of a social media burnout in the long run.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts also have a knack for creating lasting connections. Networking is an important skill that influencers need to master, especially in order to expand their social circle. Forbes shares some useful tips on how introverts can connect with others in these types of situations. For example, social activities like parties may be daunting for introverts. But finding unique activities with smaller groups might be the competitive advantage introverts need. Inviting an intimate group for a home-cooked dinner, going for coffee dates, or organizing a small group hike could be more conducive for relationship building. It will also allow for more face-to-face time.

Introverts may have the odds stacked against them in terms of succeeding as influencers but there are many examples of introverts succeeding because of their unique qualities. For example, Betty Liu was still able to become an effective networker despite her personality. In fact, she argues that it was her introversion that made her so successful. She notes how she managed to cultivate a perception behind the scenes that she was more outgoing, much like famous figures including Bill Gates and Barack Obama. They used their introversion to build up a successful career that allowed them to have a good public persona. You don’t have to actively seek the limelight to get noticed. A post by Special Counsel on different personality types explains how those who avoid the limelight are the type of workers who quietly get on with their job. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer or social media influencer; the same rules apply for just about any profession. This makes them just as valuable as the louder personalities, as they are more likely to be dependable. A study even suggests that introverts are less impulsive when it comes to decision-making compared to extroverts, adding to their reliability.

Introverts shine the most when they stay true to their personality, and allow this to reflect in their work. Entrepreneur believes that an introverts’ superpower relies in embracing their compassion. Introverts are inherently more sensitive to others, making people around them feel more valued. If influencers are able to empathize with their audiences, they can easily generate content that their followers can relate to. Embracing traits like these are the key to getting introverts to shine as influencers.