March 23, 2020 Guest Blogger

7 Tips To Improve Instagram Follower Engagement

Instagram Follower

Without a doubt, social media has grown to the point where it can’t be ignored. For this reason, virtually all industries and business models now have to use some form of social media to keep up with their competition. 

As a result, new and effective sub-niches have been created that provide specific and direct ways to improve a business or website. Even better, these sub-niches, which fall under the social media marketing umbrella, can work under any social media platform. That said, if there is one platform that was made for these benefits, it would be Instagram. 

Overall, the Instagram platform provides not only the most active users and followers, but it also provides the most diverse group. This gives account holders the benefit of reaching new markets and niches with relative ease. As far as how this is done, this is mostly done through the power of tools such as analytics. 

In and of itself, the analytics tool has become powerful in its own right. Much like a lot of social media, analytics has also grown to the point where it is becoming a necessity for most users trying to take advantage of a platform like Instagram. However, the technicality of analytics tends to be a drawback to more casual Instagram account holders. Nonetheless, rest assured knowing that there are simple ways around these technicalities that can be more beneficial than people realize. With this in mind, let’s go over seven analytics tips to improve Instagram follower engagement.

#1: Optimizing High Bounce Rate Instagram Posts/Pages

In analytics, an important metric that you will want to know is the bounce rate. The bounce rate metric shows you how long a follower interacts with your account before leaving. Quite obviously, you will want to optimize the posts and pages that your accounts put out to make this rate as low as possible. In regards to user engagement, the idea is that lower bounce rates will naturally contribute to increased follower engagement. 

#2: Increasing Instagram Session Duration Time

In addition to the bounce rate metric, another important metric you need to know from analytics is session duration time. This metric illustrates how long any activity a follower engages in is. Increasing this time can be done by creating more specific content, posts, and other similar strategies from your Instagram. Also like the bounce rate metric, the idea behind this tip is that increased duration times will lead to a naturally increased follower engagement.

#3: Optimizing Follower Behavior Through Behavior Metrics

Among the many useful data that analytics will give you, understanding the follower behavior data is most useful for increasing engagement. Apart from other metrics, this metric gives more specific information as to what followers are doing on your account. This knowledge gives you the power to create more relevant account changes that will increase engagement.

#4: Creating Relevant Post Copy For Increased Time On Content

Not to be confused with the session duration time, the time on content is a more broad view of how long a follower interacts. As far as how you can increase this time to drive engagement, a proven way to do so is by creating a relevant post copy that is convincing to click on.

#5: Targeting Engaged Visitors Through Visitor Analytics

One tip that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is the engaged visitors metric in analytics. More specifically, this metric allows you to target visitor groups that already have high engagement rates as a way to increase engagement further. This is done through smaller settings within the platform such as Instagram follower tracking.

#6: Setting Instagram Awareness Goals For Engagement

Another benefit of using a setting like Instagram follower tracking is that it allows you to create analytics goals. Within the analytics platform, goals as a great way to measure performance on things like content quality, engaged visitors, and follower engagement as well.

#7: Predicting & Comparing Engagement Goals

Last but not least, another proven tip that can be used to improve follower engagement is to use the predict and compare strategy with the goals metric. Doing so gives you the fullest understanding of finding weaknesses within your account, where strong spots are, and what changes to make.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Lindsey Patterson.