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Client Success with
FYI Influencer Platform

“When our team was setting goals for 2019, education and brand awareness were at the top of the list. We did a series of campaigns with influencers from Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Texas and Arizona and we were thrilled with their performance. These influencers exceeded our engagement goals by over 400%!”  – Offerpad


“The Carvana customer journey is so important. We see ourselves as disruptors with a mission to deliver the new way to buy a car. By partnering with Find Your Influence, they were able to find the right voices, to deliver our brand story to our exact audience. The first campaign allowed us to highlight our shopping experience from the view of real customers who were able to experience every step of the process. To date, we’ve seen both attributable sales and referrals come through our influencer-created content. The Find Your Influence team delivered on nearly every KPI and exceeded our engagement guarantee.” – Carvana


“The primary goal with our influencer marketing campaign was to create brand awareness and drive nominations to our website. We were very impressed with the influencers the Find Your Influence team was able to secure. These individuals powerfully believed in our mission and created fun, engaging content that felt authentic to their audiences. This campaign drove a significant amount of traffic to our site over its duration.” – VING Project

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