Bearenger Petrella



Bearenger Petrella is a health and wellness content creator who splits her time between Hawaii and LA. A ballet dancer from ages 2 – 18, Bearenger was on the path to become a professional dancer when she realized her true passion was in creating and sharing content.  She loved to research all things health, wellness and food as she grew up, often finding herself spending time in the kitchen with her dad. Her passion for “vlogging” started at a young age when she began taking photos of the food she prepared.

From her background in ballet, Bearenger had to work to heal her relationship with food and her body. This healing process included creating health and wellness videos and sharing them with her online community who support and uplift one another. She is heartfelt about delivering healthy recipes and general wellness tips to her global community, with the goal to help as many people as she can.

With Bearenger, it’s more than delivering healthy recipes to her millions of followers, she finds true joy in creating, testing and developing new recipes. From blended drinks to desserts, her followers continue to return to her pages for delicious inspiration. She follows a plant-based diet and serves up mouth-watering images that are as tasty as they are healthy.

A life-long learner, Bearenger enjoys discovering new ideas through books, podcasts and even other content creators. She delights in uncovering and considering new perspectives and has found that traveling has also helped shine a spotlight on new cultures and ideas to share with her followers.

Bearenger joined TikTok in 2020 with a focus on delivering meaningful content to a global audience who found themselves looking to try new recipes during the pandemic.

Audience Reach

TikTok: 1.6M Followers
Instagram: 114K Followers
YouTube: 11.3K Subscribers
Pinterest: 33.4K Followers



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