September 17, 2014 Cristine Vieira

Why You Should Add Influencer Marketing to Your Marketing Strategy

Click to view infographic

Click to view infographic


You’ve heard that influencer marketing is the next big thing. But you’re skeptical. Who can keep track of all the supposedly revolutionary fads in digital marketing over the years? We get it. But the reality is influencer marketing makes sense for your budget, goals and sales. Here’s why.


Influencers are reaching people you’re not


Sure, you could force yourself into a segment’s radar by spending tons of money on TV, radio or banner ads. But what about consumers who aren’t on those channels? What about the thousands of consumers that use some form of ad blocker? What about consumers who are just tuning all those ads out?  You’re not reaching them, and brute force isn’t going to be a healthy start to your relationship.


Bloggers and social media stars already have a following. The best influencers have a following that’s engaged—reading, watching, interacting and listening. Those followers are your potential customers, and influencers are you in! It’s like having a your cool friend get you into a private party.


It’s much more affordable than banner ads and paid search


Ads are expensive. Sure, digital advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising, but it still adds up fast. To launch a remotely successful campaign, you can end up breaking budget fast. An influencer campaign can be catered to your budget and can be as small or as large as you want. Plus, once your post is live, it’s live indefinitely. You don’t have to pay to keep it up.


It’s more authentic and informational than an ad


When you’re thinking about buying a product, do you research it first? A lot of people do. And 96% of consumers ask their friends first. An influencer campaign is an all-in-one ad. It promotes your product, gives information about your product and includes a peer recommendation. It’s basically includes everything your customers need to feel good about purchasing. It’s the entire buying cycle in one.


On top of that, a good influencer will provide his/her personal experiences and opinions about your product. It will be a detailed, authentic review. More importantly, it will likely be more authentic.


It’s shareable – which means it can multiply


When’s the last time you shared a banner ad? Probably never. That’s because they’re not engaging. A blog or social post about your product is totally different. If you work with a high-quality influencer, the post about your product will be interesting, fun, engaging and personal. It will likely receive comments, likes and clicks. But best of all? It can easily be shared. That’s free distribution of your brand’s message. A great post will be shared over and over again multiplying your reach and customer base.


Influencer campaigns have a high click-through rate


If you’re wondering whether influencer campaigns actually convert, you can stop worrying now. Influencer campaigns have a higher click-through rate than Facebook ads which until now had the highest CTR rate in digital marketing. For campaigns launched here at FYI, we’re seeing click-through rates around 3.5%.


Check out this awesome infographic to learn more about the power of influencer marketing.


For more information about how to easily launch an influencer campaign from start (finding influencers) to finish (tracking results), contact us.


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