November 22, 2021 Guest Blogger

Why Brands Should Use Influencers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holiday season is a busy time for many of us. A time for gift giving, spending time with family, and also a time for deals. Many businesses utilize Black Friday and Cyber Monday to offer one-time-only discounts on their products. With the rise of influencer culture, it is crucial that brands partner with influencers during the holiday shopping season. Find Your Influence offers the following recommendations for brands to consider as they plan to engage influencers to market their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Influencers Drive Sales

 According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations when purchasing products. When brands partner with influencers for campaigns during the holiday shopping season the results often include increased sales. Influencers can also drive awareness to the sale, products, and the brand. Many of these campaigns have directly led to new, loyal customers.

Influencers Can Create Wish Lists

A popular trend for influencers during the holiday season is to create wish lists. These are lists of gifts they believe are great to both give and receive during the holidays. This is an authentic way that influencers can expose a brand’s products to their following. Influencers often make YouTube, TikTok or Instagram videos or write blogs to highlight the products they love. These types of content are a great way for a brand to get more direct exposure to their target audience and drive additional sales.

Bethanie Garcia, an influencer managed by the FYI Talent division, created a wish list on her blog during Black Friday 2020. On this list, she created direct links to the websites and included the discount codes she had. This allowed her supportive follower base to be exposed to these products and deals, and therefore influence her audience to make purchases.

They Can Offer Discount Codes

Influencer marketing allows brands to offer discount codes to influencers for their audience to use. This is a perfect strategy for brands to utilize during the holiday season. If the brand offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and you have an influencer offer an additional discount code to their following, it gives customers that extra push to make purchases.

Influencers Know Their Audience

Most influencers have a unique and strong bond with their followers. They create a community within their platforms and learn what their followers like and don’t like. This leads to a trusted relationship where their following understands that the creators only promote products they truly enjoy. If someone in your target audience is a fan of the influencer, they are more inclined to try the products they promote. If a brand decides to partner with an influencer during the holiday sale season, their following knows that it is a product that they truly love.

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Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Gemma Weinstein.