November 13, 2014 Cristine Vieira

Why all brands should be launching evergreen influencer campaigns


My dear fellow advertisers, let’s face it. We’re impatient. You can’t blame us. We’re results-driven, but somewhere along the way that starts to translate as ASAP-driven. We don’t have time for anything that doesn’t show a positive ROI within weeks. And so we mosey from campaign to promotion to launch to campaign without looking at the big picture. How do all of these initiatives align? Do our customers really know what our brand is all about?


A lot of brands come to Find Your Influence because they want to promote a product, event or promotion. Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to spread your messaging fast, so that makes sense. But influencer marketing can be so much more than a fast and affordable way to increase conversion.


Evergreen influencer campaigns are a great way to optimize your brand messaging and generate a loyal following of fans. What’s an evergreen influencer campaign? Simple. Choose a group of influencers that will be creating multiple pieces of content for your brand over the course of at least several months — regardless of whether or not you’re running a promotion. Ensure your influencers are creating some content that’s not time-sensitive. In a nutshell, that’s it.


Skeptical? Here’s 5 reasons you should launch an evergreen influencer marketing campaign right now.

1. Do a better job of promoting the messaging themes on your marketing calendar


Most brands have some form of a marketing calendar. If it’s not in calendar format, it might simply be detailed in your team’s goals and scheduled tasks. The point is you have initiatives, themes, promotions and plans scheduled throughout the entire year. So you approach each item one a time so they can exist in an easily-measurable vacuum. Wrong.


An influencer campaign can be the string that holds your calendar together. Your influencers will be writing content about you year long. They know your brand voice, mission and messaging, and they’ll be educating their fans with these things in mind. These influencers and their fans really get you. So you share pieces of your marketing calendar with your influencers, and they help you promote these initiatives in a natural way.


You can plan different content requirements for different initiatives, or you can build up to one big initiative at the end of the year. Since these influencers have been talking about you consistently, their loyal fans are more inclined to become your customers. And finally, your brand messaging stays consistent throughout the year. Your initiatives are no longer existing in a vacuum.


2. Develop valuable relationships


Managing an evergreen influencer campaign means you’ll be working with the same influencers all year. You’ll get to know them and they’ll get to know you. Even better? Their fans are getting to know you too.


By building a strong relationship with your influencers, you’ll likely be able ask their help to promote a product, drive last-minute reach goals or participate in your events. As your influencers write content about you, their fans slowly begin to love you. Suddenly you’re looking at not only new customers, but new brand advocates. Once they start tweeting and sharing your content, your brand message has been amplified.


3. Brand awareness is a slow game


When you’re trying to reach a new set of customers, it’s not always about direct conversion. Some of your potential customers are simply not yet ready to buy. They need more information, they need to ask their peers, and they need to get to know you. Unfortunately, brand awareness is a slow game. We marketers don’t like slow games. And how does one track the slow game?

You guessed it! With influencer marketing. Have your influencers educate their customers about your product over the course of the year, and make sure you use the same KPI with the same links or hashtag over the entire year. As your influencers’ fans get to know you, they’ll start converting, and you’ll be able to track it with your influencer marketing measurements.


4. Get new, shareable content every month


Brands are often challenged with finding enough new content to promote on social. You don’t want to rely too heavily on other people’s content because then you’re driving potential customers to other people’s websites. If you have an evergreen influencer marketing campaign in place, you’ll have a continual flow of content being generated. That’s content you can share and promote to your own fans — amplifying your reach. Your influencers will be happy that you’re sharing their content and promoting their blogs. And since you’ve provided your influencers with trackable links, you’ll still reap the benefits of sharing their content.


5. It’s a lot cheaper than a media sponsorship


Think of an evergreen social campaign like a sponsorship. You see brands sponsoring celebrity athletes, large events or even venues. Those kind of sponsorships can be extremely expensive. Influencer marketing is a lot like a sponsorship but it’s better.


Think of it like you’re sponsoring a blogger. But you don’t just have that blogger promoting your content (which is fantastic as is), but that blogger is also educating their fans about your brand and industry. So you’re getting more bang for your buck than you would in a traditional sponsorship, and you’re spending less bucks. On top of that, you’re influencers are recruiting brand advocates out of their followers. Your “sponsorship” reach is then multiplied. Pretty great investment, huh?


If you’d like to learn more about how to launch an evergreen influencer marketing campaign, send a quick email to ust at Find Your Influence at  info@localhost. We’ll get back to you ASAP to explain to you the concept more in depth.

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