April 30, 2014 Cristine Vieira

What is Influencer Marketing?

Have you heard of the new word-of-mouth advertising – Influencer marketing?  If not, here’s why you should start paying attention to this fairly new method of marketing.

In 2012, 81% of U.S online consumers, purchase decisions were influenced by friends’ social media posts.  You know this, which is why your company has a Facebook and Twitter profile and you’re working on humanizing your brand and engaging with consumers.  But, how do you truly influence purchase decisions?  And furthermore, how can you scale social influence?

Influencer marketing, whether you’re engaging small brand advocates or large social influencers, is now giving brands and advertisers the ability to scale word-of-mouth advertising like never before.  Over the last two years, influencer marketing has become common practice among marketers; with 65% of Brands participating in influencer campaigns.  You can be a small to medium size business engaging a handful of influencers about your new product or service, or you could be a fortune 500 company with a long standing brand ambassador campaign.  Influencer marketing campaigns can spread the word about your company, help with natural SEO, help humanize your brand, and ultimately influence purchase.

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