The Studio

We help to create and maintain brands that are scalable, relatable and unforgettable. Across platforms, digital and tangible.
We make sure every touchpoint represents your company’s personality and ethos.

Tell Your Brand's Story

Video invokes emotion. We use the power of emotion to tell your brand’s story. Creative videography paired with strategic campaigns turn stories into results. No one medium drives a successful brand, but video is a pivotal element of any successful strategy. FYI Studios works to bring your brand and your story to another level.


  • Motion Graphics
  • Explainer Videos
  • Logo Animations


  • Full-Service Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Full Post Production Editing


  • Video Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
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Your market listens to influencers.
Put your brand at the center of the conversation.

Over 500 brands have trusted FYI’s platform to execute more than 10,000 influencer
marketing campaigns, driving 3 billion impressions across social platforms.