FYI is the Leading Influencer Marketing Solution

Find Your Influence is an all-in-one influencer marketing solution powered by proprietary technology. The FYI platform allows brands to identify influencers, launch campaigns, track performance and report results.

Run Your Own Campaigns

Feeling empowered? Assign your campaign budget. Select your influencers. Manage your campaigns. Pay your influencers. All in a centralized dashboard.

Engage Our Experts

Your plate is already full. Engage a team of veteran marketers to execute for you. And, their results are guaranteed!

Skip the Hassle

Save countless hours and skip the hassle with FYI’s world-class solution. Influencer marketing, and the authentic global conversations that come with it, is now available at your fingertips.


Why Find Your Influence?

Forgive us a moment while we #humblebrag. More than 500 brands have indicated their trust in Find Your Influence for numerous reasons but if we shared them all, you may get a cramp in your finger from excessive scrolling. So, we will keep it simple, brands choose FYI for our proprietary campaign management software, our global influencer marketplace, expert campaign analysis and our experienced team of veteran marketers.

Find Your Influence is the only SaaS influencer marketing platform that offers:



As the leading SaaS influencer marketing platform, we recognize that no two digital marketing campaigns are the same. Smart marketers, like you, are looking for a deeper, more authentic connection with buyers. No amount of AdWords, retargeting or display ads can achieve this type of connection.

At Find Your Influence, we live in the real world. Budgets are tight. You’re often asked to do more with less. Enter the Find Your Influence Platform. Simply enter your budget. Discover influencers. Manage your campaigns. Track meaningful metrics. Win. Repeat.

And, if you choose our expert marketers to execute for you, we guarantee results!

Your market listens to influencers.
Put your brand at the center of the conversation.

More than 500 brands have trusted Find Your Influence to execute 10,000+ influencer marketing campaigns, producing more than two billion consumer impressions.