December 3, 2015 Chelsea Goodson

Take Their Word For It: How a National Identity Theft Protection Leader Recruited Influencers to Change the Narrative, and Enter a Whole New Market


When done correctly, influencer marketing can help a brand accomplish three things:
1. Increase brand awareness
2. Increase brand affinity
3. Increase intent-to-purchase

Maybe it’s time to add reputation management to the list of things marketers can count on influencer marketing to do.

Take LifeLock for example – the nation’s leading identity theft protection company had gone to market with a very specific strategy: highlight the negative impact identity theft can have. But does that strategy leave potential customers immune to that messaging out in the cold?

Find Your Influence Case Study: LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
National identity protection leader changes their messaging with the help of 45 influencers and reaches millions

When it comes to protecting against identity theft, there’s no room for error. And when it comes to expanding your footprint as the leader in identity theft protection, you have to rely on more than just your reputation alone.

LifeLock approached FYI with a non-typical opportunity – the LifeLock team wanted to aggressively increase site traffic, but the company already owned the market share in their typical demographic. If they wanted to meet their traffic goals, they needed to branch out. Time for influencer marketing!

Past initiatives had earned LifeLock a loyal subscribership. consisting mainly of affluent 55+ retirees, so the Find Your Influence team worked closely with LifeLock to develop a strategy that would reposition their products and expand their market share. In the past, LifeLock had focused on the impact of identity theft — educating consumers about what identity thieves can do with personal information. But they needed to reach consumers who weren’t responding to that type of messaging.

With the help of FYI, LifeLock decided to turn their focus on other product features — specifically credit monitoring. They hired 45 influencers from a variety of demographics, including moms and dads in their twenties and thirties. Most of the influencers had experienced identity theft first hand, so they were able to write from personal experience about why solely credit monitoring isn’t enough.

They reached millions with this simple message: to effectively fight identity theft, consumers need both credit monitoring and identity theft protection, and LifeLock offers both.

In just two months and with 45 influencers, LifeLock reached millions of consumers outside their usual demographics. The company were able to reposition their products and begin a new conversation, quickly spreading the message that LifeLock offers a whole lot more than credit monitoring.

Reach: Approximately 5.4 million people
Social content production: Increased 326% from May to June
Total conversations: 1,565
Average CTR: 4.47%

Are you or your brand looking to change the conversation? Influencer marketing maybe be the answer you’re looking for…learn more today!

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