May 31, 2021 Tami Nealy

Real Talk: Influencer Marketing Challenges and Solutions

Part 12 in a series about Influencer Marketing in the 2020s

Like any marketing or advertising activities, influencer marketing can come with its fair share of challenges. However, like most things, having a clear view of what you’re hoping to accomplish, combined with working with a trusted influencer marketing solution like Find Your Influence, your influencer marketing campaigns will be driving a return on investment in no time.

Find Your Influence offers the following influencer marketing challenges and some smart influencer marketing solutions to help your campaigns succeed.

Problem: Fake followers. Today anyone can buy followers on social media for a small fee.This leads viewers, and potential brand partners, with an unrealistic understanding of the audience.

Influencer Marketing Solution: On your own you can check to see if the engagements are authentic and have relevance to the post. If a commenter doesn’t have any followers themselves, they most likely aren’t real.

One of the biggest differentiators with the Find Your Influence platform is the proprietary software the team has developed that verifies the legitimacy of an influencer’s followers. 

Problem: Changes to algorithms. Google, Facebook and Instagram have a history of changing their algorithms to improve the user experience. The trouble is this often affects the visibility of content.

Influencer Marketing Solution: While outsiders can’t anticipate a change to a social media platform’s algorithm, brands can amplify influencer-generated content with a paid ad strategy, known as whitelisting.

At its core, whitelisting is used to help boost the effectiveness of an influencer’s content and helps a brand to cast a wider net to a target audience, using content that has already proven effective.

Problem: Brand safety. Even if a brand is cautious about the influencers they elect to work with, influencers are human, too. An oddly-phrased comment or taking a position on a controversial issue may land the influencer in hot water.

Influencer Marketing Solution: When creating brand guidelines for the influencer, consider including keywords or phrases the influencer should steer away from. Additionally, many brands require a review of the influencer’s content before it is approved to be posted in their feed.

Brands working with the Managed Services team at Find Your Influence will receive white-glove service in selecting “brand safe” influencers and will ensure content is posted in accordance with all brand guidelines.

Problem: Managing influencer campaigns. Managing any form of marketing campaigns can be time consuming. Tracking performance and various other metrics is one thing, but you’re also working with an individual, or individuals, who require a certain level of respect and consideration. 

Influencer Marketing Solution: Find Your Influence is the industry’s first all-in-one influencer marketing solution powered by proprietary technology. Since 2013, the FYI platform has allowed brands to identify influencers, launch campaigns, track performance and report results. The FYI platform simplifies the execution and management of influencer campaigns. 

If you’re already anticipating challenges or obstacles with your next influencer marketing campaign, let Find Your Influence help. Contact FYI and request a demo today.

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