August 2, 2016 Guest Blogger

Planning Your Holiday Influencer Marketing Campaign

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By: Courtney Gibb


Jingle bells, jingle bells, marketing season is on it’s way

Are you singing along yet? There are only 145 days until Christmas. And far less days until Halloween, Thanksgiving, you name it. Basically, it’s crunch time for marketers.

When it comes to business, holidays have long been invading our sun-soaked, pool-filled season of relaxation. After all, how can you sit back with a pina colada at the office when campaign deadlines loom? Over at Find Your Influence (FYI), we recommend a nine-week influencer marketing campaign plan. And if you count out nine weeks from today… well, we aren’t going to say it’s too late, but you better get moving!

November and December drive 30% more e-commerce revenue than non-holiday months. And according to Think with Google insights, 78% of consumers use the internet for holiday shopping research. So what are you waiting for? Setting a plan is the first step in your holiday influencer marketing campaign. This means deciding on a campaign goal that aligns with your overall company or brand mission and objectives. It can be anything from raising brand awareness to increasing website traffic to promoting a specific seasonal product or service.

After setting your goals, you have to figure out how you’re going to meet them. This is where the creative side of influencer marketing comes into play! Take these two very different campaign directions from FYI customers:

To highlight their family-focused brand, Tylenol asked nearly 40 lifestyle bloggers to answer the question: “How do you celebrate what matters most during the holidays?” Each influencer included Tylenol’s family video in their post, then promoted it using the hashtag #WhatMattersMost and tagged Tylenol on social media.

Zappos Couture wanted to differentiate themselves in the crowded high-end retail marketplace, so they decided to feature a sole celebrity fashion blogger instead of multiple influencers. They partnered with Lauren Conrad to increase buzz – and sales – and her blogging team chose ten items to highlight and link to on Zappos’ site.

Both brands succeeded in making an impact in their own way and boosting holiday brand awareness. So what will work for you?  Once you’ve decided on a campaign direction, you should set up a system of measurement – social engagement, blog views, etc. – and finalize a budget. Then, you can start honing in on finding the right influencers, and inviting them to participate.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with starting an influencer marketing campaign for this holiday season, we can help! Reach out to us with any questions here, or learn more about influencer marketing on our blog.

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