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Kevin Bubolz, a therapy dog handler, found himself creating content during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of spreading positivity.

As an Army pilot, Kevin saw first-hand the benefit of animal-assisted interactions on mental health.  During a deployment to Afghanistan, Kevin’s unit was accompanied by a service dog named Zac. Zac would fly in Kevin’s helicopter bringing joy and smiles to the many men and women serving. Upon returning home from deployment, Kevin decided to create the same kind of happiness within his local community. Kevin found a golden retriever puppy named Ellie and the pair have spent several years volunteering in schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kevin and Ellie were prevented from volunteering in person, so Kevin created a TikTok account, @goldenretrieiverlife, with the mission of spreading smiles and positivity. Ellie’s TikTok and Instagram channels are filled with songs and silliness, trends, and tricks.

Outside of spreading joy on social media, Kevin is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys volunteering, running, hiking, scuba diving, camping, and working out. Additionally, he is pursuing his MBA at the University of Minnesota and is a 2020 Tillman Scholar.

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TikTok: 2.9M Followers
Instagram: 168K Followers



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