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FYI Talent Management is the influencer management division of Find Your Influence. Influencer management is the art of managing social media’s most powerful voices in their brand/partnership opportunities.

FYI Talent Management works directly with talent booking as well as advertising and public relations agencies to skillfully represent, guide, secure and execute deals for content creators around the globe. With a management team in your corner, as a creator you can reinvest the time you were previously spending reviewing/negotiating contracts and managing your inbox back into what you do best – creating beautiful content.

The diverse roster that makes up FYI Talent Management today encompasses uniquely talented influencers across many verticals including but not limited to lifestyle, travel, fashion, food and fitness.

Today FYI Talent Management exclusively manages some of social media’s top influencers. Some of the creators who work exclusively with FYI Talent Management include Austin’s top food blogger A Taste of Koko, fashion/travel and wine connoisseur Alicia Tenise¬†, mommy blogger Bethanie Garcia and fitness and family influencer Alexa Jean Brown to name a few.

“I’ve been blogging since 2010 and when I started doing it full time in 2015 (after hitting the 5-year mark), I just knew that I needed to look to management when I was pulling off the side of the road to take calls with brands and signing contracts on my laptop. I sought out Find Your Influence and I was the first talent that they signed! Since then my revenue has grown 2 – 3x since having FYI Talent as management.”

Jane Ko, @atasteofkoko

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“Having a management team has changed my career for the better. Before I signed on with a manager, I spent most of my days negotiating campaigns on my own and reading lengthy contracts. Now that I work with a management team, I have more time to actually create content, interact with my followers, and to build my business. Plus, my management team, FYI Talent, treats me like family. They’re always there when I need them, and have given me invaluable guidance with brand deals. I’ve tripled my income since signing on with a manager!”

Alicia Tenise, @aliciatenise