September 11, 2014 Cristine Vieira

Influencer Marketing Campaign Spotlight: Best Western

Image courtesy of  http://allinadaysworkblog.com/

Image courtesy of http://allinadaysworkblog.com/

We have a lot of really great campaigns come through Find Your Influence. But every now again, we get one that is really unique, challenging and rewarding. Our recent Best Western Rider influencer marketing campaign was exactly that.


First of all, we had no idea that Best Western had such a cool program for motorcyclists. They offer rewards, special services just for riders (like a bike washing station) and discounts. If you ride a motorcycle, you should check it out. But don’t take our word for it, read any of the awesome posts we summarize below!


The second great thing about this campaign is that it brought to us a fun challenge. We had to find influencers who were passionate and knowledgeable about motorcycles. Turns out, there are a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts out there in the blogosphere. Even our mommy bloggers joined in!


Reading our influencers’ motorcycle stories, dreams and mishaps was so entertaining we’d like to share them with all of you. And even if you aren’t into motorcycles, these bloggers are definitely worth following!


The Palmetto Queen
The Palmetto Queen is a home-schooling mom, business lady and a South Carolina queen. In her campaign post, she reminisces on planning motorcycle rides with her dad. It’s the perfect tie-in to her review of the Best Western Ride program.


YouMotorcycle is a blog full of enthusiasts, and this campaign post really shows it. The writer intertwines the poetics of Hunter S. Thompson and the splendor of the film Easy Rider to tell part 1 of his San Francisco bike adventure. Once you start reading, you’ll be hooked.


Saving U Green
First of all, Maria of Saving U Green is so genuine and honest, reading her posts is like listening to a good friend. She definitely brings that to her campaign post. She describes how her parents got her into motorcycles, and you won’t believe how they decorated their wedding!


All in a Days Work
This girl keeps busy! Her interests range from fitness, cooking, crafting and budgeting. Now, she can add motorcycles to the list. Read how she goes from a skeptic to an enthusiast all because of a family bike.


Our Whiskey Lullaby
Talented and successful in many fields, Katherine is an eclectic soul who home schools her kids and owns 15 birds. Check out her campaign post, and then click around to learn more about her talents.


This Mama Cooks
You’d never guess this supermom and wondercook was a lover of bikes, but it immediately becomes clear in her campaign post. You’ll love her photo of her toddler baby on a Harley!


Daddy’s Hangout
This is the blog for all things dads (i.e. manliness)—music, sports and of course, motorcycles. Travis has been roadtripping on his motorcycle since he was barely out of high school. His campaign post might motivate you to take a trip with the entire family!


The Jewish Lady
This is a gem of a blog to find great ideas on recipes, savings and beauty products. The Jewish Lady admits she’s a novice to riding a motorcycle, but is officially interested after just one ride! Read her review and click around for some great tips.


The bikerMetric focuses on custom metric motorcycles, and the writer’s knowledge base is vast.  In his campaign post, Adrian talks about the different “bike-friendly” encounters he’s had in his 8 years as a rider. Some are pretty hilarious.


Someday I’ll Learn
Nate and Chelsea co-write this adorable blog about parenting and enjoying the small things. In the campaign post (hilariously titled, I Am The Recon Man), Nate features stunning photos of him on his bike and tells intimate tales of his experiences as a rider. It’s like watching a movie. Enjoy.


Bah Bah Blog
Jenn shares experiences and tips about parenting, cooking, technology and everything in between. In her campaign post Jenn shares what she’s learned from her experiences as a motorcycle lover. Check out her 5 tips.


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