August 4, 2016 Guest Blogger

How to Win Fans and Influence Consumers: Fully Integrate Your Influencer Marketing Strategy



By: Courtney Moser

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.” – Aristotle

I know, I know – we’re getting philosophical on you again. So what does this mean? The end result of individuals working together is greater than if they all were added together separately. A special something is gained in the group effort, often referred to as synergy.

So,  for example, influencer marketing is effective on it’s own – as is email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising, etc. But what if you ran a campaign that encompassed all of them, spanning networks and audiences? It would be far more impactful than smaller, siloed campaigns.

Influencer marketing needs to be part of your larger marketing strategy to make a more meaningful, lasting impression and win over consumers. Before you begin any influencer marketing campaigns, then, you should first take stock of existing campaigns and determine overall brand goals. If your upcoming influencer marketing campaign is a continuation of a current brand campaign – such as inviting influencers to share a new product or service that’s being promoted elsewhere – you’re golden. Just make sure your messaging aligns across the board for consumer consistency.

If you’re about to start a completely new influencer marketing campaign, on the other hand, you should plan out how to carry it over throughout all marketing efforts. Budweiser’s FYI campaign is an excellent example of this. To celebrate National Burger Day and promote the Bud & Burgers Championship event hosted at their brewery, Budweiser turned to influencer marketing to complement the rest of their marketing and advertising strategy. Along with local event promotion, influencers helped spread the word on social media using the hashtag #BudandBurgers and #STL. This increased awareness and audience reach.

Consistency and quality are key in all of your marketing efforts in order to accelerate growth. Get creative with crossing campaigns and messaging so that your branding is powerful and relevant. To recap, you need to integrate influencer marketing with your overall strategy by:


o   Tying together current and future campaigns

o   Defining brand goals from the start

o   Aligning messaging across all platforms and methods

o   Keeping your influencers genuine and on brand


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