October 4, 2021 Guest Blogger

How to Find Your Niche as a Social Media Influencer

The growth of influencer marketing over the last decade has proven that being a social media influencer can be a financially-rewarding career choice. The influencer industrial complex has grown to be a projected 13.8 million dollar business in 2021, creating a lucrative space for a wide range of influencers. Starting an influencer career can be a very daunting experience as it’s such a massive business with millions of social media influencers across multiple platforms. The most important aspect in starting your influencer career is finding where you fit in and what your niche is. Find Your Influence offers you advice on how to find your niche as a social media influencer.

What Are Your Passions and Interests?

When thinking about what topic you want to focus your content around you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed with a number of different ideas you are interested in. Write these ideas down and don’t hold back. While you may believe that these niches are non-existent in the influencer space, you will be surprised at how specific the industry can be. For example, Tyson Apostol is an American reality television personality and Pickleball’s #1 social media influencer.

Once you have created your list, see how you feel about each topic. Ask yourself, what am I most passionate about and can I see myself growing in this space? What might ongoing content look like? Will this type of content make me happy? Will it bring value to my followers? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your scope and give you a solid starting point.

Do Your Research on Your Favorite Social Media Influencer

Now that you have  narrowed down your list, it is time to do your research. Look at social media influencers who have already found success in those niches. Don’t just take a glance at their profile, see what kind of content they produce and who they partner with. Would you be interested in producing similar content or how would you curate your content to offer a new perspective? Do the brands they partner with align with your values and goals?

Next, you will want to figure out who your target audience would be. Look at who is following the influencers you found in a specific niche. Do you feel like you connect with that audience already? For example, if they are millennials, see if you have similar interests to them and if your personalities would align.

Find Your Channel

There are a number of different social media channels available for influencers. Finding where your niche would fit on different channels may drastically change how you would curate your content. See where the other influencers in the niche primarily produce their content. Ask yourself, do you enjoy posting content on that platform? If you see creators in that space regularly posting on Instagram, could you turn to Pinterest or TikTok and create platform on that channel? Look for a void and find a way to fill it.

Test It Out

By now, you should have a good idea of what niche you would best enjoy producing content for. Test out a varying range of content and see both what you enjoy making content for and what your followers best respond to. This could include writing blogs, making TikTok videos, or general social media posts; there is a large range of channels to try. You don’t know if you will enjoy it until you try, so really take notice if this is the type of work you would like to do in your career as a social media influencer.

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Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Gemma Weinstein.